The Holiday People at Baguio

Christmas had just gone a day away. But the holiday spirit is still at its climax. The summer capital of the Philippines will always be on the number one list to visit during Christmas.

Going out of town during the holidays is not an easy option. Anyone would have to come through the heaviest traffic, unforgivable crowd, and unexpected situations. But surely after all the hassles, it will be a holiday well spent. Here is a series of photos taken from different Baguio destinations.

The night market across Burnham Park, packed with the cheapest of loots and overcrowded with buyers.
The Baguio Commissary features all time favorite apparels. Shoes, Bags, Dresses and what else you got to have.
Azalea Hotel displays a Christmas Manger birth of Jesus on their facade.
Atop this terrace leads to Sitio Pungayan, home to fictional La Presa, at Tuba, Benguet. It was still closed for rehabilitation at the time.
Unlike other domesticated horses, this one does not have eye patches.
Behind the pine trees spreads a smog that covers the entire town within La Trinidad.
Just a few more steps. Lourdes Grotto at Baguio.
A tall gate stands before the Mansion.
Quite small for a mansion, really.
In time for harvest, the tourists look for ripe and sweet strawberries to pick at La Trinidad Strawberry fields.
A bit smaller than what it was before it was hit by a tragedy a few years back. The Lion’s Head at Kennon Road is a famous Baguio stop-over spot.
This might have been a good shot. Until this kid.

For interesting travel stories, check out my main posts. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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