Campus DevCon – NU

Shaping up the young minds of IT students has always been a commitment and a sustaining pleasure for DevelopersConnect. That’s why last February 12, 2016 at National University, DevCon took the opportunity of holding an informative seminar about the mighty trends in IT industry. The seminar was just one of many activities held at the university’s CCS Week.

As always, everything starts about the performance of DevCon to the IT community. RJ Ramirez, talked about the services and opportunities tied with the non-profit org’s operations. NU is just one among other major universities which DevCon has held campus collaborations with.

RJ Ramirez, starting the day with the DevCon rap.

Breaking the ice, seminar lead Anne Rivera continued with one “Birds of Feather” session, she  called the attention of six students to tackle a debate on which is better, iOS or Android. In terms of functionality, reliability, and user-friendliness. After some back-and-forth throws of ideas, it was time to pause the tension. The winner was announced by the speakers at the end of their presentations.

The growth of technology does not end.  There are thousands of inventions and millions of ideas created everyday. Constant learning is essential for IT enthusiasts to continue crawling toward groundbreaking innovations. Along with discussing the evolution of hardwares, Sir Alfonso Dillera, iOS Software Developer at SourcePad, elaborated the significance of technological advancement to the audience. To him, ideas are just reborn from existing ones. He also made them aware of their company’s bright idea project. Particularly, an application they built for emergency situations.

Mr. Alfonso Dillera, an open book. As he introduce himself in front.

Jonathan Falcutela, a Software Engineer/DevOps at Klaseko discussed the development of mobile and web applications of our latest decade. He also mentioned the services widely taken advantaged from mobile apps by users worldwide. Like buy and sell apps, cloud computing, IoT,  geolocation, and so much more. He also made a quick introduction about their company’s app. A hassle-free enrollment and registration system for schools.

Jonathan expresses his thoughts about mobile app development.
Mithi takes an interesting point at tackling robotics.

Curiousity, to the box being held down the platform onstage. The audience stared for more knowledge as Mithi Sevilla, a pledged robotics researcher and educator, caught the interested minds of the students. She talked about Hexy, the Hexapod Robot. But she did not stop from introducing her wonderfully modified creation. She also talked about the essence of clean coding. It was surely an important subject for the newborn developers. To Mithi, clean coding means being able to read your lines of codes like a book, or a story. Something that is understable even to the eye of a non-developer. After a quick summary on how Hexy was made, she pulled the robot from the box and surprisingly it exhibited an entertaining dance number. It was adorable, even for a robot.

Hexy surely have some moves!

It was not the time to end the surprise. Announcing the winner from the debate, the presenters concluded with their choosing. The iOS team did an outstanding enumeration of the software’s functionalities and the like. While the Android team did a good job, too. But, according to the judges, they missed some important details about the customizability of android devices and it’s security risks. Finally, the iOS team won the ‘birds of feather’ match.

A wonderful thank you and remarks by Ms. Angelique Lacasandile closed the day. It was indeed an energizing morning for both the speakers and the students. Even Hexy the Robot looked like he had an amazing experience as the students set forth with satisfied smiles on their faces.


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