Campus DevCon – FEU Diliman

A productive day of Campus DevCon to one of the biggest campuses in the Philippines, FEU Diliman, has been a success last Wednesday, February 24, 2015. The event was made possible with the help of the school’s academic organization for IT. The Society of Information Technology, or SITE. Open to all interested students, IT and non-ITs gathered to witness another DevCon campus invasion. It was another day of learning some pointers from professionals, sharing their knowledge and experience from outside the walls of a classroom.

Everything we see whenever we browse, are the masterpieces of web designers. Pushing in the first talk, web designer Drei Arquilos expressed her thoughts about graphic design. More importantly, she focused on points of what does a web designer really work on. It is more than fancy animations, to be honest. Because being a web designer means you have to translate every graphic you imagine to hard code HTML and CSS. But of course, beside(or behind) a designer is a dedicated developer. Equally important on web development.

Web designer Drei Alquiros with her reference to imaginative design.

Pumping up the first talk were questions from the audience. They asked what was the difference between a web designer and a web developer. Simply, after the content and process management of a built site, design comes next. They basically work separately and rarely simultaneous. Freelancing is also common when it comes to web designing. Artists collect their own time and manage to live their life by offering creative services for a considerable cost.

A clever imagination plus humongous lines of code brings out a web design. If you are a web design enthusiast, or a passionate one, you may join the Philippine Web Designers Organization and collaborate with your fellow creatives. They offer exclusive membership and tons of perks.

Creating mobile apps via Windows App Studio was the next lightning talk. CEO of Mobile IT 4 Youth Mr. Wilson W. Censon spelled out the basics and the workout of making a mobile app in less than an hour. As a developer, Mr. Wilson reasoned out why do we need to build apps. It was not just because of the profit, but also to promote the main benefit of today’s technology. There are millions of applications today. Games, tools, social apps, and informative ones. All ages benefit from apps.

Just follow these steps and you’re on your way to a good app!

Windows App Studio is a point-and-click web based application development framework. A normal person without the literacy of any programming language can make an app using this. As easy as six steps, a newborn app is created. Then developers can choose to add codes to enhance ’em. Creators may use C# as their development language since the tool is a child of Visual Studio, and C# is their mother tongue. There are some few cons to using the tool. But, focusing on its main purpose, this tool is sufficiently reliable.

Closing his presentation, Mr. Wilson invited everyone to join their NASA Space App Challenge this coming April 22-24 at PLDT Innolab, Mandaluyong.

Time for a robot to dance, robotics educator Mithi Sevilla talked about the Arcbotics Hexy. It can be bought as a kit. Hexy was funded on kickstarter and it has incredibly attracted backers of more than enough its operational cost. How she managed to make one with her modifications and the cost of every material used were tackled. She practice clean coding and believe that codes should be conspicuously readable for every programmer. This was one of the achievements she made when modifying the codes for Hexy’s movements. After the talk, Hexy danced adorably on the stage.

FEU reps give a certificate of appreciation to Ms. Mithi, for tackling Arcbotics Hexy.

Business is a further step up the stairs of software development. Last on the lightning talk, ideaspace introduced their company and their program that encourages developers to invest on their talent and bring out the potential of their work to the market. They showed an inspiring team of college students who worked their thesis to an efficient profit earning business, and a group of software engineers eager on building things as a product of their startup program. A startup has plenty of perks to get. You just have to be dedicated and you will achieve your dream software solutions company.

Brenda Valerio of Ideaspace Foundation talks about turning your codes into profit.

The day was not over yet. Birds of a feather came next. Six lively students participated on a brief game of debate on which works better, a web designer or a web developer, based on service outcomes/output. FEU students cheerfully blurted their thoughts out and took home DevCon goodies. The Developers team won.

Rj of DevCon for the usual DevCon rap.

Right after the game, DevCon official RJ Ramirez stressed out their organization’s mission to the developing community. And before the end of the day, more items were given to the students who actively participated in a question and answer portion. It was an absolutely fun day for everyone.

Thank you FEU Diliman!

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