Java Code Camp

It’s graduation month and summer just kicked in. Students are finally out of the campus. While geeks, plus the heat of vacation is equal to more coding. That’s why last March 19, at Chikka Philippines, Ortigas,  DevelopersConnect wrapped a whole day of Java application development fundamentals for snoops.

Cath Soriano, the event’s lead from DevCon opened with expressing the accomplishments of the organization and its much further mission scheduled throughout the year. Check them out! You might find yourself interested on the events. Or might as well volunteer as an event staff. It’s fun either way.

Cath, presenting the last DevCon Summit.

During the partner talk, Mr. Rodolfo Duldulao Jr, Technology Evangelist for Chikka Philippines stuffed the audience with his introduction to Chikka API. Today, Chikka offers SMS API to everyone interested in development of mobile application inclined to telecommunications.

The Chikka SMS API gives you the freedom to use standard web languages to build your SMS-based applications. And one of the best things about our API is that it will seamlessly connect your applications to the major Philippine carriers without any hassle. – Chikka

For fifteen years, Chikka had been and still is a continuing partner of large telcom networks as well as other companies. Other than text blasts feature, their brainstorming and customer feedback review predicts an account conduct for Philippine postpaid subscribers. For more info, documentations, faqs, visit their website.

Going back more years, it was 1995 when a boom in application development occured. Java penetrated the whole world with its universal prowess.Thus becoming lined with today’s generation. Setting up the hands of the students to their laptops, Tristan Babasa– with an outstanding seven years of Java experience – punched the clock and started the workshop.

Today, Java not only permeates the Internet, but also is the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-day lives. From mobile phones to handheld devices, games and navigation systems to e-business solutions, Java is everywhere! – Java history

A beginner’s first line. Hello world. Tristan spoke up the agenda and told the pupils to get ready with the afternoon activity. That is, involving pocket monsters. As the workshop went on – from the declaration of statements, objects and classes – everything were applied with references from the Pokemon series.

Tristan, supervising the hands-on workshop.

public class Hello

{ public static void main(String[] args)

     { System.out.println(“Hello World.”); }


 * This class implements an application that
 * simply displays "Hello World." to the standard output.

Program structures, data types, variables, modifiers, and operators. The audience easily got the vibes of their mentor as they pushed further on the basics. Eagerly getting by with different statements, code conventions, and very importantly, the pillars of Java: Polymorphism, the ability of an object to take on many forms. Encapsulation, a mechanism of wrapping the variables and code acting on the methods together as as single unit. And Inheritance, a mechanism wherein a new class is derived from an existing class.

Students deliberately focus on the exercise.

In a matter of a few hours, everyone was able to make an simple program of an automated pokemon battle from the instructions of Tristan. A user may choose one from three monsters as their offense, and the computer then chooses from the remaining options. A fight take place until one of the monsters fall.

I choose you! Pokemon battle using Java.

They all finished the exercise and evidently most of them were able to modify and/or add codes to present in front after the tutoring hours. A few were given the chance to show-and-tell their work. Tons of freebies were given to the jolly and active. Every so often questions were asked and the audience were bold to answer them. More freebies to take home for the early bird and the winners of the social media contest – for posting online with hashtags #DevConPH and #JavaCodeCamp.

One of the students who modified the exercise with his own preferred characters goes in front to talk about it.

Everyone was thankful for definitely enjoying the day of learning the basics of Java. One full group photo and the students went on their way with a big smile. Til we see you again on the next DevCon events!

Happy faces. We hope to see you again, guys!

More photos below:

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