A Great Leap Down

Pangasinan’s hundred islands national park is a favorite example in geography books for elementary students in the Philippines. Along with this  marvel, schools encore the Chocolate Hills on Bohol, Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan, and Mt. Apo on Davao every year. Visiting places like these would probably pinch a childhood memory for nostalgic graduates.

I did not expect that I would travel to this part of Luzon with new people. Unlike my usual blogs which I had my barkada with me, this one is different. I was only invited to join. To be honest, I expected cold and awkward silences when I looked at them. But I did not feel like a stranger, I had a whole day of high time with them. They were totally sweet and charming.

The road up north was loud and bumpy. Our driver ignored the rough roads, speeding up constantly. We reached Alaminos at dawn and took first photos at the welcome arch. We had our breakfast at the park a few minutes away, in the heart of Alaminos City.

A whole day island hopping is enough to enjoy the beaches. Although that Saturday did not offer a traveler’s comfort after seeing a gazillion tourists. Anyway, it was alright, we had our way around the crowd.

Viewing point at Governor’s Island.
One Down.

Each island offered different activities. Climbing to the viewpoint followed after coming ashore Governor’s Island, where a whole bunch of islands could be seen. There was also a zip line connected to another island, a ride for a fee. Marcos Island had a small area for cliff diving, too. We jumped once and enjoyed another. Swimming above giant clams was also a highlight. We took our lunch under the rocks and decided to go home afterward.

Vests on for Marcos Island cliff diving.
One plunge isn’t enough.
Snorkeling for giant clams.
Showing off thy guns.
Stopped for lunch.
Squinting eyes is not a choice.
Alaminos City, Home of the Hundred Islands.

I don’t have to put a long story for this blog, it’s a sidetrack. But it does not mean that I did not enjoy it. It was a memorable experience. Many things turned out to be spectacular. The Hundred Islands paradise is equal to a hundred times of fun. 🙂

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