WorkGoals Series: Western Visayas

What makes your everyday work thrilling? Don’t you find it amazing when you wake up, get ready for work and know that an awesome adventure awaits? Not behind a desk, no. But a privilege of traveling to different places. That’s what makes mine great. Our team develops and maintains information systems, and we are often given official business travels around the country to aid our satellite offices for IS development and implementation. This is one of those times.

Iloilo City

Panay Island of Visayas, Philippines have so many spectacular displays. Iloilo, such as, have so many heritage houses that go back to the country’s colorful history. It’s wonderful to see that there are still so many of those buildings standing today. Some are renovated, some are just plain antique. My officemate and I were able to visit the ancestral houses and we took a stroll around Iloilo City. We visited the following attractions: Jaro Bellfry, Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo Museum, Molo Mansion, Market Area, Roberto’s special restaurant, and several others. Try hovering over the photos to read their descriptions.


We spent a week at Iloilo City and there were other places we got to visit. Antique and Guimaras. The road to Antique was quite long from Iloilo City, but Guimaras Island was rather short, just a few minutes away.


Actually, Guimaras was not on our official itinerary. But fortunately, the satellite office needed our help for the system implementation. What I like about the employees of our provincial offices is their cheerful hospitality. They were and are so kind they treat you like a long-lost family member. An entire Guimaras Island road trip followed by a short system set up and tutorial. We visited the wind turbines, Guimaras Mountain Resort, the Trappist Monastery, and Alobijod Cove. The last destination was my favorite, the Pitstop restaurant, where I tasted the most delicious pizza, a Mango Pizza!



A bonus trip to Bucari, Leon took place during the weekend before we went to Antique. Tired feet followed after driving up to the mountain ranges. I think there were more than a hundred steps up to the white rock formation.



Our satellite office at Antique was far from the city. Unlike the office at Jaro, where commercial establishments scattered around the area, they only had trees surrounding the vicinity and suspicious animal sounds during the night. I remember my officemate placing ginger and garlic in our room for fending off bad spirits. I also told her to make a salt solution to triple the effect. We survived the week without anything spooky happening to us but later before we took off, they told the horrors that happened to that place. Well.


San Joaquin

There was just no stopping with the free tours. We still had the chance to go take a drive to GarinFarm at San Joaquin, Iloilo during our last day.


This was only the first of the many travels with the project our team was tasked to carry out for this year and the next. Doubtless, we look forward to many unforgettable journeys around the country while fulfilling our duties as public servants.

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