Ultimate Roadtrip Part 1 ft. Dumaguete & Siquijor

Dumaguete City is tagged as the “City of Gentle People” because people never lose their gentleness, being humble and also their beautiful smiles. So. I’m going to explore this amazing city along with Siquijor.

Day 1- Arrival at Dumaguete Airport

Upon arrival at Sibulan airport, the first thing that came up to my mind is their famous Silvanas and Sans Rival. Yaaaas! With no hesitations, I get off the plane immediately (I’m so bad ass) and walked towards the national highway and waited for a jeepney bound to Dumaguete City.

Damage: 10 pesos from the airport to the town proper.

Tip: Tricycles are also available at the airport going to the city, but it’s a bit expensive and costs around 100-150 pesos, depends on how you haggle. Take this ride when you are in a group or you have a lot of stuff.

Since I arrived in the city around 9 am, I didn’t catch up the 10 am a trip to Siquijor and since the next trip is at 12 pm, I opted to have a quick stop at Sans Rival Pastries and tried their best-selling Sans Rival cakes and Silvanas. I feel I was literally in heaven upon my first bite because it’s so delicious! Never miss this thing when visiting Dumaguete.

Sans Rival cake & Silvanas

A few minute walk away from Sans Rival restaurant, you’ll find the famous “Jo’s Chicken Inato.” The restaurant’s name was inspired by the Cebuano word “Inato” which means “atin lang” in Tagalog. Its famous dish is the grilled chicken with atchara and most of all, UNLI RICE for just 107 pesos! YAY!!!!!

The famous chicken inato

After those satisfying meals, I went to St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral or Dumaguete Cathedral to offer some prayers to Him for the success and safety of my solo journey, then head up to Dumaguete city port afterwards.


  • 107 pesos for Chicken inato
  • 8 pesos going to the pier from the cathedral
  • 111 for the sans rival and silvanas (35 per slice on the sans rival, 18 & 20 pesos each for butter and choco silvanas respectively.)
  • 150 for the fast craft boat fare and 15 pesos for the terminal fee.


Quick Fact: Siquijor is a small province located in the south-east of Negrs Oriental. during the Spanish regime, it ws called as “Isla de Fuego” or “Island of Fire.” Siquojor is often associated with mythical and mystical traditions. But no worries, it’s way safer here and no one will do a bad spell. Lol

How to get to Siquijor?

You can ride a fast craft ferry or RORO going to Siqujor, Siquijor. There are also trips to Larena, but these are only limited. First trip from Dumaguete starts at 6am, and last trip at 6pm.

After about an hour trip, I arrived at Siquijor around 1 pm. Upon arrival at the port, I rode a habal-habal going to the hostel since I’m tired and groggy that time.

I suggest when looking for a cheap hostel, the best place would be in San Juan How to go there: take a multcab going to San Juan from the pier. The fare is only 25 pesos.

After 30 minutes of travel, I’ve arrived at last in our hostel. I checked in at JJ’s Backpacker Hostel. Cost is 350 per night for a dorm-type room. You can also walk towards the highway and you might find much cheaper than JJ’s.

So, I took a rest for the day and prepare myself for another journey tomorrow. I contacted Kuya Jessie (my habal-habal driver) to do a 1-day tour of the province for me.

Day 2- Tour of Siquijor Province

Time Destination Expenses
7:00 AM Start of day Tour
7:30 AM Enchanted Balete tree 10
8:00 AM Lazi Church
8:30 AM Breakfast 150
9:00 AM Cambugahay Falls 20
10:30 AM Salagdoong beach 30
12:00 PM Lunch break at Larena 135
1:00 PM Guiwanon Spring Park Resort 10
2:00 PM Trek to Cangbangag falls 150
2:30 PM Quick dip, photoshoot at Cangbangag falls
3:00 PM Head back to Siquijor
3:30 PM St. Francis of Asisi Church, Welcome to Siquijor Arc
4:00 PM Back at Hostel, Stroll in the beach
6:00 PM Sunset dinner at Baywalk 75
7:00 PM Night photoshoot, quick booze
8:00 PM Lights off
Trip Fees 247
Kuya Habal 800
Total Expenses 1,047
Enchanted Balate Tree & Fish Spa
Lazi Church
Cambugahay Falls
Salagdoong Beach
Guiwanon Mangrove Park
Cangbangag falls

Day 3- Back at Dumaguete

Upon getting back in Dumaguete, I spent the rest of the day resting and strolling around the city, and of course, a lot of sleeeeep!

Time Destination Expenses
8:00 AM Wake up, prep up things.
8:30 AM Breakfast 75
9:00 AM Quick dip in the beach
10:00 AM Capilay Spring park 50
11:00 AM Check out at JJ’s, ride a jeep to Siquijor 25
12:00 PM Departure to Dumaguete from Siquijor Port 165
1:00 PM Arrival at Dumagute port. Ride tryke to Harold’s 8
1:30 PM Check in at Harold’s Hostel for 3 nights 900
2:00 PM Resssssst
6:00 PM Wake up for dinner
7:00 PM Jo’s Chicken inato part 2 107
8:00 PM Rest Again
Total Expenses 1,330

Day 4: Valencia, Negros Oriental

After a long rest, I decided to continue my travel, but this time, i’ll be hopping some waterfalls.


  • Make sure to haggle to some drivers upon arrival at Valencia. Some would charge you 400 for the Casaroro & Pulangbato trip.
  • When swimming in Pulangbato falls, make sure to bring dark-colored shirts and shorts as the water might stain your clothes.
  • Expect a lot of rock climbing in Casaroro. wear comfortable sandals with you.
Time Destination Expenses
8:00 AM Wake up, prep up things for falls hopping
8:30 AM Free Breakfast
9:00 AM Travel to Valencia 30
10:00 AM Arrival in Valencia, find a tour guide 300
10:30 AM Brunch 50
11:00 AM Start of falls hopping, made my driver as companion going down the falls 150
12:00 PM Arrival at jump off site for Casaroro, paid envi fee 10
12:30 PM Arrival at the falls, enjoy, picture taking 101
2:00 PM Back to jump off site
2:00 PM En route to Pulangbato falls 50
2:45 PM Stop over at steaming ground. Quick photoshoot
3:00 PM Arrival at pulangbato falls. Quick dip
4:00 PM Pack up, back to Valencia town proper
5:00 PM Arrival in Valencia, ride a jeep back to Dumaguete 20
6:00 PM Stroll the city again
Total Expenses 610
Casaroro Falls
Pulangbato steaming ground
Pulagbato Falls

Day 4-5: Apo Island

The Apo Island adventure is my greatest regret and the awesome part of the trip. Regret because I have to spend 2k for this. But the awesome part would be swimming with the turtles with you, hanging out with the locals and experience a no-signal day.


  • You can avail the day tour package in Harold’s mansion. Just approach the counter and they will gladly assist you. It costs around 1200, inclusive of the transfers, food and equipment rentals.
  • If you’ll be doing a DIY Trip, make sure to arrive early at the Malatapay in Zamboanguita so that you could be able to join to other waiting passengers, since the boat system is “pakyawan.” Travel time from Dumaguete – Zamboanguita is about 1hr and costs around 30 pesos in jeepneys.
  • Make sure too bring foods and with you since its quite expensive when.you buy in the island.
  • I’ll suggest that you do homestay instead of renting rooms in resorts. Homestay stars at 500, good for 2 pax. Have bonding with the locals. They’re awesome!
Day 1
Time Destination Solo Expenses Duo Expenses
8:00 AM Wake up, prep up things for Apo Island
8:30 AM Free Breakfast
9:00 AM Travel to Zamboanguita (rented a tryke going there) 200 400
10:30 AM Arrival in Malatapay, wait for bangka since no more chance passenger would join us. Boat rental is good for roundtrip. 1,350 2,700
10:30 AM Brunch 100 200
11:00 AM Departure to Apo Island
12:00 PM Arrival at Apo Island, paid envi fees 100 200
12:30 PM Arrival at homestay. 250 500
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Nap time
3:00 PM Snorkling. (Includes guide fee of 300, equipment is 100 each, rented life vests & snokles) 350 700
5:00 PM Shower time, rest
8:00 PM Dinner 150 300
9:30 PM Lights off
Day 2
Time Destination Solo Expenses Duo Expenses
6:00 AM Wake up, stroll the island
6:30 AM Walk going to lighthouse
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Departure to Malatapay
9:00 AM Arrival in Malatapay, waited for a jeep back to Dumaguete 20 40
10:00 AM Arrival in Dumaguete, tryke to Harold’s 8 16
12:00 PM Check out
1:00 PM Lunch at Jo’s 107 214
2:00 PM Stroll at Robinsons DGT
4:00 PM Departure to Bus Station 8 16
5:00 PM Departure to Zamboanga city via bus 980 1,960
Total Expenses 3,623 7,246
Swimming with the turtle on the sanctuary
Stoked feels
The secluded sanctuary

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