Me standing at the peak of Mt Kandungaw. Loving the view frombthe top and that 850 ft drop.

Mt. Kandungaw is located in Maloray, Dalaguete South of Cebu. Upon seeing the pictures i saw on social media, I was soo hyped and excited to get there. The cliff, the view, the mountain and the adventure caused a rush in the traveller in me. So I asked my collegues if they want to climb a beautiful mountain on our day off and luckily they said yes! So yay!.

How to get there

We rode Ceres Bus Liner from Southbus Terminal Cebu City to Dalaguete. You have to ride the Bato-Liloan Port Route or Bato-Oslob. We asked the driver to drop us off Dalaguete town proper and from there rode a motorcycle to Barangay Maloray. You can also ride a bus to Badian since there are 2 routes that climbers may take. Since we chose to do the dalaguete route, then ill discuss the specifics on our travel doing the dalaguete route.

Mt. Kandungaw Escapade

Departed from Cebu City Southbus Terminal at around 4:45 am and arrived at Dalaguete town proper at exactly 7:03 am. Dropped at 7/11 store so we bought snacks and drinks in preparation for our mountain climbing experience. I saw some climbers having their breakfast at 7/11 as well. This drop off point is the same when you want to go to Osmeña Peak. It is easy to book a motorcycle since they are a lot along the road and they are the one to ask you if your going to osmena or kandungaw or casino peak (name it). So we booked a motorcycle and off we went to Baranggay Maloray. Side note: We were asked to rent a helmet for 10php each mandated by their LGU for safety. I was hesitant at first because the last time I visited Osmeña peak, we were not asked to wear any helmet but i realized its ok since it is for my safety and it is only for 10php. 😊

Upon arriving at Baranggay Maloray, we were greeted by the beautiful countryside view. The driver told us to go directly to the recieving area. Their you have to pay for the entrance fee for 30 php/each. Since we decided to go to Kandungaw Cave we rented one flashlight for only 20 php. You also have to ask for a local guide, tarrif starts at 200 php but its your call if you want to add or not. If you have big backpacks, you can left it at the recieving area. Just bring all the valuables with you for safety.

Stairway to Kandungaw Peak

This was the starting point to the long trek to mt. Kandungaw. If your a trek/mountain climbing pro you can finish this for 45 mins. And since we were only mountain climbing trainees we finished the trek for almost an hour or so. 😂

Picture of us having a stop over just to catch up on our breath. It was really cold and foggy but I was sweating profusely because of the trek.

Some part of the trek has stairs and ramp but it is not yet finished to make it easier for trekkers/climbers to reach the top of the mountain. We were having a long stop over because my collegue was nauseated, good thing that our local guide was there. When asked if theyre are lot of instances that it happen on climbers, he said that it is common thats why he brings his balsalmic oil with him all the time. When my friend was ok, we proceeded back to our journey again. Advice: Always cooperate with your local guide.

No. Just the view at kandungaw peak.

The view at middle earth. Haha. No just the view at mt Kandungaw. Almost there.

This was the resting area at the top of mt kandungaw. They regulate their climbers thats why they made this resting area. Hence a lot of people wants to have that scenic view at the monolith so they need to not overcrowd the peak. You can eat your snacks there or just refresh for your IG worthy pictures. 😄

Pictures at the Peak of Mt. Kandungaw

It was foggy and windy but seriously I actually loved it more than the pictures i see on social media/net. Seeing the view at the top makes you realize how small you are in this world. It is a mind blowing 850 ft cliff drop. Craazy!! The view was worth every single sweat. It was really beautiful, grand and amazing!.

Kandungaw Cave

Not all who go to kandungaw peak visit kandungaw cave. It just below the peak but the trail was steeper and harder. We decided to go there and risked our life. Just kidding! It is quite safe because they made rope guides that you can hold upon descending and going to the cave. You only live once so grab it if you got a chance. Yes?

It was just a small cave but it amazes me that back then the locals made this as a safe zone from the japanese. Thats why they called the peak Kandungaw, Dungaw means to ” PEEK” in english. They peek at the top of the peak if the japanese are coming and hid at the cave on japanese war. It does makes sense, because at the top you can see almost everything. It was small and dark and with steep slopes but it was worth it. We descended after.

Expenses (each)

Budget: 1000php

  • Bus Fair: 125 ×2 (roundtrip) = 250
  • Motorcycle fair: 150×2 (roundtrip) = 300
  • Helmet: 10
  • Entrance fee: 30
  • Snacks/food plus lunch: 80

Expenses (group)

  • Local guide tarrif: 500÷5=100 ( we add 300 because our guide was really good to help and to assist us on our journey)
  • Flashlight: 20÷5=4

Total: 774 php each


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