Siargao: The Ultimate Hangover

Siargao is tagged as “Surfer’s Haven” because of its gigantic and powerful waves which is suitable for surfing. When you go to Siargao, you’ll also experience the ultimate Siargao hangover, worse than your alcoholic hangover! (You’ll find out soon why.)

The Siargao experience was the best and memorable solo travel I’ve been this 2017 and a hangover to remember.

Quick Fact: Siargao is a group of islands facing the Pacific Ocean and situated in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is also home to the large mangrove forest reserves.

How to get to Siargao?

Option 1: Direct flight from Manila or connecting flight via Cebu.

Skyjet offers daily flights to Siargao. Cebu Pacific also offers direct flight to Siargao, but only on a limited time. Pal and Cebu Pacific offers flights to Siargao island via transit in Cebu. Air fares costs around 10K for a round trip flight. Quite expensive tho.

Option 2: Manila – Butuan route

Cebu Pacific and PAL offers daily trips to Butuan City. From there, you may ride a van or bus going to Surigao City. Travel time is approximately 3hrs on van and 4hrs on bus, then you can ride a ferry from Surigao City port to Dapa port.

Ferry costs around 275. When the time I went there, Montenegro Lines have a promo fare of 100 pesos, too lucky to have 65% off on my fare!

Tip: First trip to Siargao is 5am and last trip is 12pm.

On my case, I came from Davao and took a 13hr land trip to Surigao City and 3hr ferry ride to Dapa port. All in all, travel time was 16 hours. Yes, 16 freaking hours and I survived it! Hahaha!

Upon arrival, I already contacted Kuya Bebot to fetch me in the pier. Since I have no idea where to stay in Siargao, he recommended to stay at Villa Solaria resort in General Luna. It’s only a 5-minute walk to cloud 9 and cheap as well!


Municipality of Dapa


Tip: You can find cheap accommodations in General Luna for a minimum of 150 per night! But remember, these are dorm-type beds.

What to do in Siargao?

  • Surf all you can!
  • Visit Magpupungko tidal pools.
  • Have a glimpse of Siargao’s sunrise and sunset.
  • Chill at Naked and Daku Island.
  • Island hopping at Sohoton. Prepare for a cliff jump!
  • Dip in Sugba Lagoon’s green waters.
  • Have a breakfast bowl in Shaka Siargao!
  • Meditate. Feel the nature within you!
  • Listen to acoustic music at Buddha.
  • Dine in at Mama’s grill. The best and cheapest barbeque in town!
  • Party til morning at Hotspot bar.
  • Booze at Harana.

And the most important, meet new friends and enjoy the island life.

Day 1: Arrival in Siargao Island

After a 16 hour trip from Davao City, I checked in at Villa Solaria, as suggested by Kuya Bebot.


Where I stayed for 5 days- Villa Solaria


Upon arrival, I met new set of friends. They are RJ, Casper and Rye.

So, we planned our itinerary for tomorrow’s activity. We planned to have a dip in Magpupungko tidal pools. Casper and RJ planned to go there, but when they’re almost near the venue, they’re involved accident (good thing, no major injuries), they decided to go back to the hostel since RJ had a big wound on her legs.

Day 1: Have a dip in the luscious green Magpupungko Tidal Pool

Magpupungko is located on the town of Pilar, about 45 mins – 1 hour drive from General Luna.

The tidal pool

Tip: Make sure to go there during low tide. You can’t enjoy it during high tide.

Me and RJ

Then after enjoying the pool, we grab our lunch at the nearest eatery in Magpupungko. Attack!!!! :))))

Chicken inasal, hotdogs, liempo and buko juice! 😋

After those dipping and eating, we get back to the dorm and have a quick rest then we met a new friend named Anna. 😁

So, that wraps up our day 1 in Siargao. 🙌

Day 2: The Bucas Grande / Naked / Daku / Guyam island adventure

Sohoton cove is located in the Municipality of Socorro. It can be accessed via 2hrs boat ride. Yes. 2hr boat ride. But nevertheless, relaxing feeling is within you.

Bucas Grande islets

Then, we met new set of friends again! They are doctors Liz, Riz and Pam. They are RJ’s closest friends. 😁

From L-R: Rye, Casper, Anna, RJ, Liz, Riz, Pam & me 🙂

Tip: In order to save expenses for the Sohoton tour, you must be at least 8 in a group. Boat rental to Sohoton costs around 5000 pesos (maybe lowered down depending on your haggling skills), and 2500 for the special boat tour in Sohoton. Expenses are at the bottom of the page. 🙂

In Sohoton, we toured different caves and islets, done some cliff jump (which I really feared), swim with the jelly fish, and of course, swimming in the lagoon. Bad thing, the jellyfish sanctuary is not on its season, so were only able to see jellyfish from few to nothing. No worries, those jelly fishes in the lagoon are stingless.

The jelly fish lagoon

After the Bucas grande trip, we went to Daku, Guyam and Naked island for a quick stroll.

Mandatory shot at Guyam Island
Naked Island
Daku Island

There you go, that wraps our day 2 in Siargao!

Day 3: The Sugba Lagoon

On my 3rd day, we spent the whole day in Sugba Lagoon. It is an hour and a half motorcycle ride from General Luna to Del Carmen, then another 30 minutes boat ride going to the lagoon. This time, we met another new friend! She’s Chef Tere, a friend of Anna’s!


With Chef Tere in the house! 😀


We just chill, drink, eat, picture and swam the whole time.


Paddleboarding in the lagoon



Lov the gren-blue color of the saltwater lagoon





Day 4: All out party and Chef’s birthday

So, we’ve been to all the major destinations that Siargao has to offer. And since it’s Chef Tere’s birthday, she prepared some breakfast meals for us. 🙂

With my new-found friends ❤

Then I strolled in the beach all day long, and have myself tanned, and watch the sunset in Cloud 9.

Strolling in Cloud 9 beach area
Pardon my bellies :)))
Sunset @ Cloud 9

Since most of us would be going home on the following day, we’ve decided to have an all-night booze in Harana and Hotspot.

The happy faces of new-found friends ❤

To sum up my overall expenses:

Destination Expenses
Boat from Surigao port to Dapa port (RT Fare) These are promo fares during August 2017 230
Habal 2x to hostel from port, VV 400
Hostel rent for 5 days 1,750
Habal habal rent for 3 days 900
Food and drinks for 6 days (includes beers and party) 1,745
Magpupungko Entrance 50
Banca rent to Sohoton (4000 good for 8 pax) 500
Sohoton Cove tour (per pax, includes envi fee, entrance fee and boat rentals) 355
Sugba Lagoon Banca rent 250
Sugba Lagoon entrance fee 50
Bus fare from Davao- Surigao City & VV 1,240
Souvenirs 100

*airfare and other expenses are not included. Surfing cots 400-500 per hour with board and instructor. For habal habal tours, you may contact Kuya Bebot at 0906-459-5679.

So, why I called Siargao as Ultimate Hangover?

  1. I missed strolling at Cloud 9.
  2. I missed the cheap food at Mama’s grill.
  3. I missed all the island hoppings.
  4. I missed all my new-found friends. ❤
  5. I missed the island life, the humble people and a peaceful life.

I’m so mesmerized by Siargao’s inner beauty. I’ll come back soon. Really soon! 🙂

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