LuzViMinda Escapade: 10 Days, 10 Provinces. (Part 2 – Visayas)

After my solo travel in Palawan, my next destination took me to the islands in Visayas. This time, I traveled with my buddy. We arrived early in the morning and started our itinerary right away.

Day 4

From Mactan Cebu International Airport, we headed to North Bus Terminal and rode a bus to Maya Port. We waited for the first boat trip going to Malapascua Island. First trip is around 6:00 AM and the last trip is at 5:30 PM.

We had ample time to walk around the island while waiting for the boat transfer going to Kalanggaman Island. Usually, the boat from Malapascua to Kalanggaman leaves at around 9:00 AM.

Before getting to the big boat, you need to ride a pumpboat and pay P20. It was just five minutes away from the shore but the experience was thrilling, it was like you were playing “the boat is sinking”. This small boat can accommodate ten people and a nice balance should keep the ride steady. It was almost two hours before we reached the island. Some of the joiners were already drinking beer during the trip, we also noticed some foreigners liking the taste of ‘red horse’.

Our tour guide gave us enough time to enjoy the island while they were preparing our lunch. However, the tide was still high when we arrived and we were advised not to lay foot on the sand bars and wait until low tide.

At around 4:00 PM everybody went back to the boat and we realized then that we only had a short experience of the island’s paradise. We went back to Maya port and transferred to Hagnaya port. We spent a night on a pink house near the port since we didn’t able to catch the last trip.

For travellers, if you have enough time and want to spent a night in Kalanggaman, you might wanna check this wooden tent that costs around P1,000. It can accomodate up to four persons.

Taxi to Bus terminal – P150
Bus to Maya Port – P200
Boat to Malapascua – P100
Pumpboat – P20
Kalanggaman Day Tour – P700 (includes round trip boat transfer from Malapascua and lunch)
Island Fee – P150 for local tourist and P500 for foreign tourist
Malapascua to Maya Port – P100
Bus to Don Pedro – P40
Tricycle to Hagnaya Port – P20
Guesthouse – P500 (two pax)

Kalanggaman Tour:
Jeffrey Jay Yordan

Day 5

We woke up early and prepared for our Bantayan Island tour. It was an hour travel from Hagnaya port. We haggled with the tricycle driver when we arrived at the island. We agreed and paid P550 for land tour.

First stop was Kota Beach, one of the famous resorts in Bantayan. This was the beach in the Camp Sawi movie. We went directly to the sandbar as the sun was already rising.

Next stop was the Omagieca Mangrove Garden, entrance fee is P50. It was quite scary walking on this bridge made of bamboo, since some parts were not stable. This is a perfect spot to take a picture with the signage of ‘Camp Sawi’.

Another beach we visited was the Paradise beach. It was a long walk going to the beach since you need to pass through the forest. The effort getting there paid off after seeing the beauty of this paradise. Anyone would feel like a survivor outcast in this unspoiled beach.

Before leaving the island, we visited the German Ruins. For those who seek adventure, you may try cliff diving.

We left Bantayan Island before 3:00PM, packed our things and headed back to Central Cebu at around 5:00PM. We had our dinner at SM Cebu, since we had plan to leave our bags in Traveller’s Lounge. Unfortunately, bags couldn’t be left overnight so we had to bring all our things in Dumaguete. It was already 10:00PM when we arrived at the South Bus Terminal, and we immediately took a bus bound to Dumaguete.

RORO Bantayan – P170 per way
Terminal Fee – P10
Environmental Fee – P30
Land Tour – P550 (two pax)
Mangrove Garden – P50
Paradise Beach – P50
Bus to Central Cebu – P165

check out Backpacking Bayani for full itinerary at

Day 6

It was around 5:00AM when we arrived in Dumaguete. We took some rest at the hotel, and since we only had one day before going back to Cebu, we went to Siquijor first before visiting Silliman University.

We took a fast craft from Dumaguete port to Siquijor, travel time is only one hour. There are lots of habal-habal and tricycle drivers waiting for you, and you need to use your charm for a discounted tour.

We only had half a day to spent in Siquijor so we opted to visit the Cambugahay Falls and Salagdoong Beach.

It was very hot in the island during that time so I decided not to walk around, I only took some photos and made enough time to appreciate the views.

But if you have more time to explore the island, you might check this link for detailed budget and itinerary:

It was already 3:00PM when we went back to Dumaguete. We still had time to visit Silliman University Anthropology Museum. My travel buddy, a history professor, really had a good time. We also saw some students doing their research and documentation of the historical objects. After visiting the museum, we packed our things and went back to Cebu.

Taxi to South Bus Terminal – P170
Bus to Dumaguete – P310 per way
Accommodation – P888 (two pax)
Fast craft to Siquijor – P150 per way
Terminal Fee – P30
Siquijor tour – P600
Silliman Anthropology Museum – P50
Jeep to Sibulan – P11
Fast craft to Liloan – P62
Tricycle to Bato – P100
Bus to Badian – P73
Bus to South Terminal – P125

Day 7

It’s our last day in Visayas so we decided to had a road trip in Cebu. We spent our morning walking around the city. Tourist spots are just walking distances apart.

Just ten minutes walk from our accommodation is the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño. It is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the country.

Then we went to Magellan’s cross, a Christian cross planted by explorers upon arriving of Ferdinand Magellan in Cebu.

Before taking our lunch, we visited Fort San Pedro. It is a military defense structure, those who are fan of history would really appreciate this place.

After having our lunch, we took a habal-habal ride since the next destinations were far from the city. We visited the Sirao Flower Farm, a garden with a wide expanse of flowers and it feels like you were in Amsterdam. However, there are lots of bees that will unveil your inner beast.

Then we went to the Tops that offers a panoramic view of Cebu City. We took some rest and had our snack before going to our next destination.

Our last stop was the Temple of Leah, a gesture of love from a husband to his wife. It is a shrine with a memory of Leah Albino-Adarna, Ellen’s grandmother.

Before the sun sets, we went back to our accommodation and packed our things. After four days of traveling around Visayas, it’s about time to explore Mindanao.

Accommodation – P800
Fort San Pedro – P30
Habal-habal – P700 (two pax)
Sirao Flower Farm – P50
Tops View – P100
Temple of Leah – P50

Cebu City tour:
Cito Jabadan

We took a night flight from Cebu to Davao so we still have time to rest before starting our three day Mindanao trip.

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