Project BiyaHero: Jomalig

There is nothing more beautiful than people who go beyond the barriers of cultural differences to spread the good in life.

Jomalig is a fifth class municipality of Quezon and is considered one of the smallest town in the province. This small island capture the hearts of many travelers and tourists with its golden sands and turquoise beaches.

To see this raw beauty is never easy, you need to embrace the five to six hours boat ride and face the huge waves of the Pacific Ocean on the side of the Philippines. But all the thrill, fear and sacrifices pay off upon reaching the paradise of the north. Their premier beach is located in Sitio Salibungot, Brgy. Talisoy, a long coastline of golden sands and agoho trees. During low tide, there’s also a sandbar on the other end of the shore.

Our team preparing the loot bags for the kids.
Playing with the Jomalig kids.

Our team arrived early in the afternoon and prepared for the outreach program for the following day. We spent our first day in the island sharing and spreading happiness with the locals, especially the children of Jomalig. You can see the genuineness in their smiles as they learn some few things we have in the city. Observing their way of living, you can see the simplicity of their lives.

The generosity of the locals inspired us to help more people and empower them to love and take care of what they have right now for the future generation. We also had the chance to explore and roam around the coastline near our accommodation. An astounding place with compassionate people, this was a good venue to launch another outreach program.

The team woke up early the following day and prepared the venue for the program. Each joiner had their respective team and everyone had their role in the program. There were around sixty children who joined us wearing their authentic smiles and excited for what’s going to happen.

Story telling with Sir Martin.
Gift giving with our ambassador Dave.

We prepared games for them and had some storytelling. Afterward the team gave away toys and school supplies that they might use and help them with their studies. We also prepared “sopas“(milk soup) and some of us ate with them while socializing and telling inspirational stories and learnings for the children.

The future of this generation depends on our decisions and actions.

It was really a heart-melting event hearing their stories and their ambitions in life. A simple way of giving and sharing what we have could really make an impact on someone’s life.

Simultaneously, the chairman of Project Biyahero had a Green Banner talk for matured locals and also for the team.

Green Banner is the realization of our commitment to help protect the environment and promote responsible tourism in the Philippines by empowering communities and fellow travelers through information dissemination on the impact and challenges of growing tourism industry to the environment and lives of local communities.

Our group with Brgy. Captain Meriam Belda.

The focus of the discussion was on the challenges of tourism, including the depletion of natural resources, pollution, and the physical impact. Tips on how to make less trash were also presented.

The locals signing the banner to be posted in the island.

After the program, our team went back to our accommodation and got ready to explore some parts of the island. We were advised not to take a boat for island hopping during that time because of the waves so we took habal-habal.

And of course, we will not be leaving this paradise being strangers to each other. So the board members prepared some team building activities for the joiners.

Indeed, it was a healthy competition among the teams. As Jace said, “We build team. We create friendship.”


Project BiyaHero is the flagship project of Team Pilipinas Wanderlust aimed to promote ecotourism and reach out communities in different travel destinations in the Philippines.

“We Travel. We Care.”



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