5 Fingers and Laque Beach in Bataan

Last April 14, 2018 when we went to 5 Fingers and Laque Beach at Mariveles, Bataan together with my girlfriend and my youngest sister.

Personally, I discovered this thru GMA News TV Brigada and for that moment, I badly wanted to go here and here we go! 🙂

Locals said that it is called 5 Fingers because when you see it from above, it looks like your one whole hand. And the 5 islands have different attractions and rock formations that made them  unique from each other. Aside from that, most tourists and travelers did not know it yet. It is still like underrated tourist destination for many people and we are lucky to see the beauty of the island with minimal number of people so that we really had fun!

-Boat Rental-3,500php good for 10 persons-Laque Beach Resort Entrance Fee- 200php

The pinky finger or Pulong Kawayan having a small littoral cave carved in a huge adobe stone wall and known as Bat Cave.



The second island is the middle finger or Tinanlakan Cliff  Diving which is the main attraction. In this island and you can do trekking and see the 5 Fingers from above. 🙂


The third island is the point finger or Nagbintac Arc known for its little finger and famous for a small window-like tunnel.


Before lunch, we went straight to Laque Beach Resort and it was added to the best island that I went to because of its white sand, clear water etc. 🙂

And going here, we saw the Camaya Coast Beach Resort where we already went to last 2016 and made us realized that we are just near to 5 fingers and Laque Beach that it is not yet discovered.


Kindly watch our video for that day and see the beauty of 5 fingers and Laque Beach in action.


Wear comfortable slippers or trekking sandals because most of the islands are in rocky. Book in advance or contacting a local from the island is advisable because there no signal in this island. Most especially, leave no trace! it was so heart breaking to see that even educated people don’t know how to put their garbage in the right trash cans.






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