People. It’s very hard not to notice Ilonggos friendly attitude as they wear their big smiles at all times. Ilonggos are very approachable and accommodating making the tourists feel at ease in asking assistance/queries. The only barrier between the locals and tourists is the language differences. Since they have their own dialect, expect that not all locals are fluent in Tagalog. I suggest that when you communicate with them, try to use either English Language or TagLish. With this, they can understand you better. And when you are interacting with locals expect that some may completely understand your queries, however, when they respond to you, they will speak in Ilonggo. You really have to make a good pick to whom you will throw your queries. 😅😅😅


Gigantes Group of Islands

Cabugao island

The most popular amongst the islands of Gigantes is the Cabugao Island.

 Figure 1. Cabugao Island.

Locals were able to put wooden stairs going to the peak of the island’s limestone formation. This gives the tourists a picturesque background for their selfies. Also, this is what makes the island very unique.  Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie in this spectacular view? Capturing the entire beauty of the island and the blue waves surrounding it. It is not surprising to see people lining up just to see the view that locals boast. Your Iloilo vacation is incomplete without including this in your itinerary!!

Figure 2. Wooden Stairs

 Figure 3. Fisheye shot of Cabugao Island

Bantigue Island

Bantigue Island has become popular not only because of its long stretch of sandbar but also because of the fresh and budget-friendly seafood that it offers. This island is indeed a heaven for seafood lovers. Scallops are being sold for only 1 pesos per piece!! You can have 1 tray of fresh scallops for 100 pesos only! You can eat grilled squid, sinigang na lapulapu and many others without spending so much!!

Aside from scallops they also have very unpopular seashell seafood that they wanted to promote. They call it wasay-wasay. It has a very different and very weird shape making it less attractive and harder to sell. According to locals, they prefer eating wasay-wasay than oysters because unlike the latter, the former is far more hygienic.

Figure 4. One tray of fresh and steamed scallops that we ordered for lunch.

Figure 5. The sandbar of Bantigue Island

Antonia Island

Antonia Island is also a must-visit island in Gigantes as it boasts finer white sands and picture perfect limestone and rock formation.

Figure 6. Rock formation at the edge of Antonia Island.

Figure 7. Limestone Formation.

The famous La Paz Batchoy of Iloilo. Other than biscocho and butterscotch, Iloilo is also well known for its noodle soup called La Paz batchoy. They say this is the Iloilo’s version of Batangas’ Lomi.  It is a tradition for tourists not to go home without trying this out.

Figure 8. La Paz Batchoy

For tour packages, you may contact Kuya Joel at 0920-811-6164.


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