The Aurora Dream

Caught in the summer are the colors of Aurora. The bloom fest of flowers. The gorgeous blue sky reflecting its vastness on the clear ocean water. Even the dull brings pleasure. Feast your eyes on the vibrant and somber effects of Dinadiawan and Baler.

Dinadiawan Moonshine
The moon appears as a white dot during the summer sunset.
2 Dinadiawan Sunset
A calm sunset prepares Dinadiawan for the kick of the night.
3 Volleyball
Enjoying a nice game of catchball on a perfectly sunny day.
4 Airball and Sand
A ball sits idly by the gentle waves of Dinadiawan Beach.
5 Uninvited Mirage
Small rocks spread under the sun on the beach of Agri Farm Resort.
6 Fisherman's Lullaby
Fishermen’s often leave the shore during the afternoon for a good catch.
7 The Dock
A fresh air for a fresh morning warm up.
8 Child in Need
To help their family, local children make decoratives to sell to travelers.
9 Children of the Beach
Local kids sell seashell decors on visiting tourists.
11 Rocky Shore
Even when it’s hot, never a dull time to go for a swim.
12 Morning Eye Exercise
The peaceful shore makes you forget all your worries.
13 Bridge to Relaxation
Warm morning on the mountainside road of Aurora.
14 Vines of Evergreen
An overgrowth of plants lay before the shore.
15 A Flower in Bloom
These White Angels could be a singing pair of white flowers.
16 A Flower in Bloom
Allamanda, or Yellow Bell, looks like protruding horns before blooming.
17 A Flower in Bloom
A lavender orchid looks like a predatory animal.
18 A Flower in Bloom
Gumamela is said to have herbal properties, like for treating boils.
19 Dog's Dilemma
On a warm sunny day, a dog stays cozy at the back of his person’s sidecar.
21 Baler Surf Zone
Surfboards ready! Baler is one of the hottest spots in the country for surfing activities.
22 On the Facade
If you are into a long walk on the beach, Sabang beach is a perfect spot.
23 Pool by the beach
Costa Pacifica offers a beachfront pool, among other special amenities.
24 Museo de Baler
Manuel L. Quezon, born and bred at Aurora.
25 Red Flower Blooming
Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns, and other names this plant is known for.
26 Banners for Shade
The Road Market along Aurora expressway is a good place to buy local souvenirs.
27 Bamboo Net for holding Fruits
Native handicrafts are found at the Aurora road market.
28 Banner Close-up
Making local shopping a lot more colorful.
30 Colored Water in Bottles
Life is like bottles of colored liquids, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. Unless you do.
31 Vibrant Wood Plates
Dozens of wooden plates for simple decorations.
32 Sweepers in Colors
You might buy one of these for a colorful feeling when cleaning your home floor.
33 A Few Hundred Souvenirs
Plenty of souvs for the people you love.
34 Millenium Roots
Careful on climbing – limited only up to three meters.
35 Inside the Balete
Make a room for a sneak peek inside the giant roots of the Balete Tree.
36 Dusk Sky
Behind the windows of an afternoon bus ride.
37 The Millenium Tree
Standing for over 600 years. The Millenium Tree has witnessed a colorful history.

Photos are taken during my work-related summer team building activity. The photos are also a part of my Facebook featured album The Colours of Aurora. A related blog is also posted covering the municipality of Casiguran, which you may read here : (WorkGoals Series: Aurora). Follow me on Instagram @pawtonyjack.

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