Not Your Usual Tokneneng

At the busy street outside universities, high schools and inside crowded malls, this snack is always present. Tokneneng, or Quail Egg Waffle is one of the favorite street foods of Filipinoes. We are going to cook some today, just a little different. The usual street tokneneng are wrapped in orange coating. But we are instead going to use pink and black to add a little creativity.

Ingredients: (max quail egg for adults is 4-5 a day, this recipe serves 3)

15 Quail Eggs

1 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp Pepper

1 cup Flour

1 cup water

1 tsp Food coloring

Oil for deep frying

Vinegar sauce:

White vinegar




Chili Flakes

Sugar to sweeten


1. Boil the eggs. While you are at it, prepare the coating for the eggs. Mix the flour, water, food color, salt, and pepper into a bowl, mix until foamy. Tip: you may add a teaspoon of starch to make the mixture firmer.

Check for rotten eggs!
Boil the eggs to harden them. From 10-15 minutes.
We had separate bowls for each color.
This is the pink bowl. Make sure that the texture is not creamy-like.
The flour and the black coloring mixed together will result in a duller color.
We used black and pink food colors for this recipe. Make sure to get the unflavored coloring.

2. Prepare the eggs. After cooling it down, remove the shells.

A little tip, to avoid egg cracks while boiling, add two tablespoons of vinegar on the water.

3. Place the eggs on the mixture. Coat them up.

Coat them fully.

4. Heat your oil for deep fry. Gently place each egg, preferably using two spoons to get an abundant coating.

Careful as the eggs may pop during cooking.

5. In just a minute or two, the eggs are ready to go off the pan.


5. For the sauce, mix the vinegar, sugar, pepper, chili flakes, and minced onion together in a bowl.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Try it at home!

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