Isabela, Basilan

Most of us incorporate the word WAR or GIYERA whenever we hear BASILAN. Pero huwag mag BASI LANg sa sabi-sabi, go to BASILAN and see for yourself. It is a piece of paradise, not just a war zone. I feel so blessed when I went for a day tour in this place, though I was a bit scared, to be honest. But the fear shifted when I saw what this place can offer, it amazed me. Now let me share our one-day itinerary and expenses.

🏊 Swim from Zamboanga port to Isabela Basilan, it’s free (kidding)

⚓ Zamboanga port to Isabela, Basilan via Aleson – each way will cost you P70.00 for economy and P90.00 for aircon, then pay P11.00 terminal fee (travel time is one to two hours but if you’re in a hurry, you can also take Weesam Express fastcraft)

🏤 Isabela City Tour (walking distances) – City Plaza, Sta. Isabel Cathedral, Basilan Provincial Capitol, Jollibee Isabela para bida ang saya

⛵ From Isabela port, take a 5-minute bangka ride and cross Malamawi Island – P5.00 per way

🚴 Ride habal-habal from port to the white beach, we paid P30.00 per head per way since I am with DIY travel Zamboanga group (well, it depends on your haggling skills and charm, I guess?)

🌊 Awra time! Enjoy Malamawi White Beach Resort – P40.00 Entrance Fee

🍧 Don’t forget to try their halo-halo, only in Malamawi, for only P25.00

🏃 You might also want to trek at Malamawi hill top – P20.00 (with free mineral water for 15-minute ascend)

🌻 Enjoy the view of Isabela City, plus a bonus to make awra at sunflower garden

⌛For our spare time, we opted to visit Cabunbata falls (others choose to go for Lampinigan that will cost around P3,000.00 for the tour)

💦 From the city take a tricycle going to Cabunbata Falls, it was just along the highway. We paid P300.00 for six pax round-trip service.

🚢 After swimming and photo ops, we went back to Isabela Port and board Aleson going back to Zamboanga.

Thanks to DIY Travel Zamboanga for joining me in this trip, esp. to sir Lei Francisco for accommodating Luffy.

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