A good day to find peace in Sulu. Despite all the warnings and fake news that the place isn’t safe for a tourist nor a traveler, I got myself stuck in Jolo. Not just to tick off another province of the PH81, but to learn some of the cultures and practices in Mindanao. I never bothered walking under the sun while roaming around the town because there were so many things that were new to me, like their story, language, the food, and religious practices. To be honest, spending a day in Jolo will never be enough because there’s still a lot of stuff to learn and places to visit. I will surely come back for more stories, and unlimited laughter along with my newly found brothers.

📌Jolo Tour
-Shara’s Coffee Shop
-I Love Jolo
-Sulu Provincial Capitol
-I Love Sulu
-Plaza Rizal
-Plaza Marina
-Sulu Museum
-Abdusakur Tan Square
-Biggest Mosque
-Jolo Municipal Hall
-Mauboh Beach

📌Hadji Panglima Tahil
(if the Capitol permits)
-Lahat Lahat Island
-Bubuan Island
-Bangas Island

This experience will not be possible without the help of these people, who patiently assisted me the whole day:
Sir Nash Abduhadi Jr. – Jolo TourismOffice
Sir Rhu-Rhu Saabdulla 09971683864 – Jolo Tourism Officer
Sir Basim Isa II – My official photographer 🙂
Ma’am Jainab 09175929225 – Sulu Provincial Tourism Officer

P.S. Please coordinate with the tourism officers ahead of time, and have your letter of intent and itinerary for visit. (at wag makulit tulad ko).

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