Pizza: Pineapple or Pinakbet? Try Laoag’s Finest Pinakbet Pizza

Philippines is a country rich in healthy and flavorful dishes that tourists, local and foreign alike, can’t get enough of. Filipinos put in their own twist on international dishes mixing local ingredients to satisfy the palate.

A very example of modern twist dishes is Laoag’s own version of Pinakbet pizza.

Ilocos Norte is known for its pinakbet, a vegetable dish with bittermelon (ampalaya), okra, squash, eggplants, string beans, tomatoes, and meat (whether seafood or pork) cooked in bountiful amount of fish sauce.

Imagine mixing pinakbet to your favorite pizza.

The Pinakbet pizza is a healthy pizza that vegetarians can also enjoy. However, for non-vegetarians, to complete off the pinakbet experience, you can sprinkle the bagoong sauce over the pizza.

The pizza can be bought all around Laoag but the famous restaurant that sells the best of pinakbet pizza is Herencia Garden Resort and Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant & Bar.

Pizza sells around P375 to P395.

Complete your Ilocos experience with Pinakbet Pizza.

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