Oreos and Grahams Cake

Fruits like Mangoes, Avocadoes, or Cocktails always produce a nice team up with Graham Biscuits. Layers of sweetness and fruity sensation are commonplace to Pinoy households. But there is always more when it comes to making refrigerated cakes. This is not unusual but oftentimes bakers combine their delectable makeups with a much more common treat, OREOS.

Choco Vanilla Oreos, Tiramisu Oreos, and Grahams seem to be a nice trio for a well made afternoon delight. In this blog, I am going to share with you how to make an Oreo Grahams Cake with a Dark and White filling Oreo and another set for an Oreo Thins Tiramisu.

What you’ll need: (serves 4-6)

1 Small can of Condensed Milk

3 Packs of All Purpose Cream (250ml each)

2-3 packs of Graham Biscuits

30 pieces OREO Dark and White Filling cookies (or any regular flavored oreo)

4 packs (2 boxes) OREO Thins Tiramisu cookies

Chocolate droplets for toppings

Crushed Graham for toppings

Enough for six.

What to do:

  • Separate the Oreo biscuit and filling. Crush the biscuits. On a separate bowl, mix the cream and the condensed milk with the fillings. Use two forks to effectively mix the fillings into the cream. You may also use a blender or mixer. In this recipe, I made two sets of Oreo Cakes. One with the regular sized oreos, and the other with the Tiramisu Thins.

Normally, a good not-too-sweet ratio for the cream is 2:1. 2 packs of all purpose cream for one small can of condensed milk. It depends on your preference, in this recipe, I used only 3/4 of condensed milk for 2 packs and 2/3 for a single pack.

Separate the fillings. Not your feelings.
Mix the cream and condensed milk with the biscuit fillings.
It should look like a melted cookies-and-cream ice cream.
    • Prepare the container. Place two layers of graham biscuits at the bottom as the base. Pour the cream mix gently. Then, add the crushed Oreo biscuits. Decide whether you want a thick layer of oreo biscuits or not, you may add more biscuits if you want to.
Two layers for the base.
Carefully pour the mixture,
  • Add another one layer of graham biscuits before pouring another mix. Then the crushed Oreos, if you are satisfied with your layers, top your creation with crushed Grahams and choco droplets.
  • Place your dessert inside the freezer for 3 hours or more, the cream should freeze for a firmer result.

For the tiramisu, I did not use the crushed Grahams. Instead, I made the crushed Oreo thins biscuits as the toppings.

My container is as tall as two layers of oreo filled graham cake.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe for more food blogs.

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