Limitless Limasawa

Did you know that Limasawa actually means “Limang Asawa” or Five Spouses? Apparently, it had something to do with the founder of the Island or the ancestors which dwelled on the province of Leyte way back. Limasawa Island is located in the most southern part of Leyte, Philippines. It is comprised of only seven barangays and in every direction are people in simple living, without the high cost of food, shelter, and natural resources. Even the rent for night stays is affordable. I totally recommend this to tourists who want peace, quiet, and isolation.

We were invited to get around some part of the island in a quick day tour before we left Maasin Leyte during our work travel. The good Mayor of Limasawa municipality were more than happy to welcome us to the island.

7.1 Limasawa Port

8 Limasawa Port
At the dock.
9 Limasawa City Hall
The Limasawa City Hall looks like a toy house from afar.
10 Rock Wall
This might be an acceptable vandal.

11 Balangay Replica

12 Handmade Textile
The native woven cape/carpet inside the Balanghai Long House

13 Inside the Balangay

14 The First Mass
A statue of a priest on the spot where the first mass was held.

14.1 Painting of the First Mass

15 Stairs to View Deck
Up up and away.
16 The First Cross in the Philippines
This replica was the first ever cross planted on the Philippine soil.
17 Children at Limasawa
Little kids enjoy a sunny day under the trees.
18 Clear Waters
The water sings clear in Limasawa.

19 Atop a big rock

20 Floating in the Sea
A group of Pinoy tourists enjoy a midday drinking session, I think?
21 Local man on a boat
The resort which offers an entrance to this place is only a few minutes away from the main dock.
22 Cliff diving
Little miss cliff diver jumps as his friend waits for him.

A 50-people capacity motorboat carries passengers to Limasawa island in less than 30 minutes or so. The nearest hotel is a few steps away from the resort, owned by the family of the current Mayor that welcomed us on that time.

Before we got to Limasawa Island, our team went to Catbalogan, Samar, and Tacloban Leyte. A few days later, we visited the Maasin City proper and got to visit Mama Mary Shrine. Let me share some more photos of our travel which I took from these places.

2 Catbalogan
Dried fish being packed at Catbalogan Fish Port.
3 San Juanico
The famous San Juanico Bridge that connects the huge islands of Samar and Leyte.
4 Tacloban Seafood Grill
A famous restaurant at Tacloban City, Leyte

5 Tacloban Seafood Grill

6 Tacloban Seafood Grill
Picked fresh and ready to cook.
24 Overlook at Mama Mary Shrine
The view from Mama Mary Shrine at Maasin City.

25 Mama Mary Shrine Maasin26 Candle Prayer

27 Maasin City Church Clock Tower
The church clocktower in a twilight ensemble.
28 Inside Maasin City Church
Bright lights engulf the church altar.
29 McArthur Arrival
At the McArthur Landing Memorial National Park in Tacloban.

It was again a privilege to travel along my colleagues from the heart of Samar to the ends of Leyte. I am looking forward to the future visiting more amazing spots in these islands. I hope to visit Limasawa once more and personally cliff dive in the open water. Thanks for reading!

This blog is part of the #WorkGoals Series by Paw Jacinto

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