Lost in Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero, located in Tiaong, Quezon, is a premiere Eco-Tourism Resort that showcases the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage. It offers a glimpse of country’s history, cuisine and customs.

Founded in 1872 by Don Plácido Escudero and Doña Claudia Marasigan, this 800 hectares coconut plantation is one of the oldest and most famous resort in the country.

Getting around the Villa. There are so many things to do and plenty of stuffs to see in Villa Escudero.

1. Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant.

This is one of the “must experience” tourist attraction in Villa Escudero.

Buffet lunch are being served for the guest while soaking their feet at the running water of the falls.

The “Arsenio Escudero Hydroelectric Power Plant” was the country’s first working hydroelectric plant built to supply the coconut plantation.

2. Tour at the Museum.

The Escudero Museum is one of the largest museums in the country. Artifacts from all over the world are in display, however, taking photos and videos is not allowed.

3. Visit the Heritage Houses.

What’s inside these houses is a proof that the Escuderos are somehow “Crazy Rich Asian”.

They’ve been all over the world I must say, upon seeing some of the displays and the designs of the house. It brings us back to the colonial era.

4. Bamboo Rafting.

Reunite with nature while rafting on native bamboo rafts at the Labasin lake.

5. Carabao Riding.

The Filipino culture experience will not be complete if there’s no Carabao Riding, it also serves as a service to transfer fro. one tourist spot to another. With musicians singing “Kundiman” song from time to time, you will really feel that this is Philippines – our home.

6. Go Swimming.

There are different kinds of pool for everyone to experience. There is a kiddie pool, an infinity pool and a jacuzzi.

7. The Cultural Show.

The Villa showcases the almost-forgotten native Filipino dances and Cultural presentation.

8. Listen to “Kundiman” Songs.

Cultural performers singing “Kundiman” songs will go door to door and serenade you. You can also request a song and give some tip.

9. Have fun in the Playground.

Family with kids will really have fun in the playground, with life-size cartoon displays, swings and slides.

10. All-day Jeepney Ride.

The Villa is offering a 24-hour service to get around the area, if you don’t want to ride a carabao or if you’re in a hurry.

11. Go Biking.

You can also rent a bicycle to roam around and enjoy the sunset at the rotonda.

12. Watch a Cooking Show.

Cooking show is often presented at the falls, but since this is a special episode, the set up is in front of the museum.

13. Visit the Souvenir Shop.

You can buy hand made souvenirs like bags, wallets, key chains, native dress and shirts at a reasonable price.

14. Bon Appetit.

Most, if not all, of the food and dishes being served are the product from the plantation.

We had a change to visit their kitchen and grilling area and saw how the food are being prepared.

15. Drink plenty of Lambanog.

Fresh from the coconut plantation, Villa Escudero’s Lambanog is one of the must try lambanog in the country.

16. Labasin Lake.

Enjoy the scenic lake that gives a picturesque view of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. San Cristobal.

This Villa Escudero experience will not be possible without the Lost in the Philippines crew. Watch our full episode at https://www.facebook.com/106301589889762/posts/492930637893520/

For more info, booking and reservation, kindly visit Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in facebook.

Villa Escudero, Km 91, Tiaong, Quezon
+63 (02) 523-0392, +63 (02) 521-0830, +63 (02) 523-2944, +63 917-583-7727, +63 919-993-4744, +63 923-741-0605

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