Why Go Back To Calaguas?

Among the beaches of the country, this is perhaps one of the best. Fine white sand, clear water, peaceful surroundings and isolation from the toxic urban cities. Calaguas offers the best experience for complete relaxation, that is if you don’t mind the long travel and a bunch of tourists coming every now and then (for weekend tours!).

This was my second time on the Islands of Calaguas and I don’t mind coming for a third time, or a fourth, or for any time of the year. If you have already visited the island, the question “Why go back?” would be easy to answer. For those who haven’t, well you should not miss this paradise.

There are only a few activities on the island. It makes Calaguas a place for those not looking for a packed up holiday. Swimming, a bit of snorkeling, kayaking, hill climb, sunrise watching, are the main activities. An optional island hop to Balagbag Island is also offered. Calaguas is intended for travelers who long for relaxation and peace. There is no cellular reception in the area, no bars, no loud music at night. Just you and ocean breeze during the day and the stars above during the night. Every once in a while, shooting stars pass by the clear sky. If you enjoy stargazing, this is a perfect spot.

Also, roofed accommodation is limited. Most of the travelers sleep inside tents near the shore. The bathrooms are pay per use and waiting on a long queue is definite if you are unlucky during peak seasons. But the local government is improving the island, creating more jobs business opportunities.

Tour agencies schedule weekend travels. Planning to go on a weekday is ideal too but you’d have to pay for everything that is usually packaged for groups. Like the boat from the mainland and the cottages.

The waves are strong during the early season and it calms down during the summer. The best thing about the beach is its crystal clear water and fine sand. There are also shops and gear rentals.


After one night, it is expected for the visitors to wake up early and assemble before the sun comes up and trek up the steep hill not far from the tents. For travelers scheduled for a single night of travel, sunrise watching shall be the last activity before going back to the mainland.

If you have not visited Calaguas yet, do not wait for the summer or the next summer. Right now is the best time to travel! For a detailed itinerary and expense estimate, check my 2017 Calaguas blog here.

6 thoughts on “Why Go Back To Calaguas?

  1. Great post! Will be going back to this island this summer (for the 3rd time) hopefully to experience its calm AND uncrowded version (as we experienced both on separate trips). A friend asked me, “Calaguas ulet?”. And I answered, “Why not?!” 😅


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