A Delish Pasta in Quezon City

Do you love Pasta? A bistro cafe in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City serves the most toothsome pasta dishes. Affordable for group meals and they also serve a very delicious caramel cheesecake! Here are some of their delish entrees.

No hate for the Truffle Pasta.
Cucumber Mint Smoothie. 
Pesto Linguine, for the healthier choice.
Penne Mozarella for the cheese chaser.
Pasta Pomodoro with Feta Cheese, for those who love red sauce.
This Sizzling Rinderhack comes with a free iced tea and cheese ice cream! Yum!
Mozarella Sticks, a perfect snack!

I personally love the way they prepared the pasta dishes. Unlike most cafe’s that uses olive oil on their recipes, I noticed Oliva’s does not use as much. Most of the cheese tandem dishes just have the right amount of salty kick on them and it does not take the appetite away.

When my friends and I visited the bistro, we only spent a little less than 3000 pesos, more than enough for seven people. Delectable and affordable. Prices range around 250-500.  I give this restaurant a grade of 9/10! If you happen to come around Quezon City, do not forget to visit this cafe. Most importantly, don’t ever miss the cheesecake.

Visit Oliva Bistro Cafe along Visayas Avenue.

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