Mount Pinatubo: Ride and Shoot

Enjoy a day-long trip to the crater of Mount Pinatubo, Zambales! Here are some of the photos I captured during our day trip. The beginner track starts at 6am in the morning with an hour-long 4×4 ride to the starting point. The advanced trek begins with a shorter ride on the 4×4.

Our group availed the beginner course since most of us were not experienced hikers/trekkers. We started early at 7am. We reached the crater around 11am. During the trek, we had a few stops for photo shoots, snacks, and quick rests.


I don’t usually get into joiner hiker tours. But It was an easy group for me since I was the “mutual friend” among the people in our group. I had friends from an org, my siblings, and some close friends. We had a nice talk during lunch. Since loving hospitality is a common Filipino trait, my siblings and I shared our home cooked meals to everyone.


For every few meters or so, local kids greet the passing visitors a good day.



After spending an awesome amount of time at the crater, we took our grubs, said our goodbyes, and trekked back to the 4×4 parking area. The way back was hotter since it was mid noon. Refreshing our warm bodies with a nice bath at the city proper, right after the tour, was a perfect way to end the journey.

For a quick history and time travel about the dormant volcano, you may check this google search result on “what happened on Mount Pinatubo“.

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