Layover: Singapore

Connecting flights aren’t all bad. International layovers may get tricky at times but with the right preparation, it can be made into one memorable side-trip. So, what do you do when you have a 17-hour layover?

Airplane Wing

That is exactly the question my father asked when I booked our flights going to Vietnam last year. Because we’ll be having a 17-hour layover in Singapore. Well, my quick answer was – Explore the city!

While these kinds of layover may get hectic because you have to go through immigration and such, there are a few perks that this kind of flight schedule brings. Aside from nabbing these tickets for a much lower cost. It gives you an ample amount of time to travel around and visit key attractions of the city, you’ll be having your layover at!

Now, what happened to our layover in The Lion City, Singapore, you ask? Let me break it down it for you!

First things first. Right after confirming the tickets, I immediately checked for available accommodation. To avoid the expensive hotels and since we have 6 people in the family, I opted to check the listings on Airbnb. There I found a cheap yet cozy place perfect for us!

Check out the neighborhood!

LRG_DSC03876 2LRG_DSC03880
If you haven’t signed up for Airbnb yet, feel free to use the link below:

After dropping off our baggage, the adventure began. Since it’s almost everyone’s first time in Singapore, we decided to hit various landmarks and key attractions spread throughout the city. Check out my photos below!


+ my parents posing for a photo

ArtScience Museum – Lotus Flower Shape Building


Singapore Skyscrapers


Marina Bay Sands

LRG_DSC03979 2


Gardens by the bay


8 hours of non-stop walking wasn’t enough to give justice to this wonderful place. Singapore truly is captivating. A day isn’t enough to truly absorb the magic that this country has to offer! One thing we definitely missed out on was trying out the local food and dine in at one of their famous Hawker Centers.

After this, one thing’s for sure! I’ll definitely be back and will definitely stay longer!!! After this short trip, I realize that layovers can be exciting and fun. It’s like a trailer to a very good movie, you get a glimpse of what the place is all about and it gets you excited to experience the city/country to the fullest.

So, next time you pack your bags and find yourself in between two flights with a few hours to spare, go out and explore! You’ll never know what that layover might bring you!

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