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Paw Jacinto loves sharing his stories. He is a Public Administration Major working as a web content manager and application developer in the public sector. With an open mind and a true volunteerism spirit, Paw is deliberately roused with the challenges of the world. Most of his stories narrate adventures with his favorite barkada. He’s an overthinker, an introvert, a detail-blogger, an amateur photographer, and an all-around house kid. As the founder of Tour Titans, Paw is proud to present Philippine’s marvel and beauty through writing and sharing inspirational stories.

Many thanks to my friends. This web diary wouldn’t exist without them. They help me through everything, they are my best friends and I love them.

Winds Quetua is a Financial Analyst in Nasdaq. He’s a solo traveler and adrenaline junkie who wishes to set foot on all the 81 provinces in the Philippines. So far, he has been to 46 PH provinces. Aside from being a nomad, he loves landscape and portrait photography and running at marathon events as well.

Grace Bolivar is a Certified Public Accountant working as a Business Application Consultant focusing on SAP Business One. She travels mostly around Visayas and Mindanao for work. But, she also enjoys traveling for leisure with family and friends. She’s a food enthusiast and a passionate writer who writes about her travels to aid navigation to the clueless and pave ways to future bloggers with the same interest. She is a proud Mindanaoan and aims to break the stigma about Mindanao, a place of paradise with beautiful sunrises and majestic sunsets. Mindanao is home to many unexplored beauty waiting for everyone to discover.

Aljohn Calapatia is a Certified Public Accountant and a Master of Business Administration. He is a travel blogger and a food enthusiast. He once dreamt of becoming a journalist or a writer. He is presently employed at the National Electrification Administration (NEA) and is holding a position of Financial Planning Specialist. He entered the government service because he wants to make a difference.


Markus Freed is a young professional, working in LPO industry as an Accountant. He is a backpacker (his bag is full of hugot) still searching for his purpose in life. As a traveling cosplayer, Mark portrays fictional characters to add more impact on his travel stories. He’s a responsible mountaineer who embraces the beauty of nature and learns how to live in the simplest, modest kind. He’s a ‘Jack of All Trades’ with a strong personality who can easily turn acquaintances into friendship.

Izza Bacaycay is a registered Psychometrician. She is a member of the Youth for Mental Health and a strong advocate of the cause. Her travel goal is to explore the archipelago starting with the largest island, Luzon, down to Mindanao. She plans to travel out of the country once she achieved her first travel mission. She believes that the Philippines has much more to offer. She is a strong believer and bears in mind that we are not meant to set foot in a single place. Traveling and taking what the world can offer us is her greatest life goal.

Vanns Payawal is a Marketing Assistant from Los Angeles. He grew up in the Philippines and moved to the States a couple years ago. He loves to explore new places, learn about different cultures, and try as many flavors of life as he can. He feels amazed whenever he got a chance to travel, around his home country or internationally. He grew up watching a lot of shows where protagonists usually embark on an adventure and say that’s where he probably acquired his passion for traveling.

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9 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Hi thank you so much for following eighteenandbeyondblog you don’t know how much it means to me, and for that i followed you back as well. Good looking blog, keep it up. Have a nice day xoxo Aries Eli

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      1. Believe me, I’ve tried. Pero hindi ko ata talaga sya calling e. I’d love to volunteer. Pero ewan. I don’t find myself committing to it. Siguro not now. :3


        1. Siguro depende ren kung anong klaseng pagvovolunteer. What I love most sa org where I volunteer, I get to meet a lot of nice people and learn a great deal as well. Kaya siguro I fell committed to it. hmm. Pero baka sa free meals lang talaga. haha

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