People. It’s very hard not to notice Ilonggos friendly attitude as they wear their big smiles at all times. Ilonggos are very approachable and accommodating making the tourists feel at ease in asking assistance/queries. The only barrier between the locals and tourists is the language differences. Since they have their own dialect, expect that not all locals are fluent in Tagalog. I suggest that when you communicate with them, try to use either English Language or TagLish. With this, they can understand you better. And when you are interacting with locals expect that some may completely understand your queries, however, when they respond to you, they will speak in Ilonggo. You really have to make a good pick to whom you will throw your queries. 😅😅😅 Continue reading “3 REASONS WHY ILOILO HAS TO BE IN YOUR BUCKET LIST”


Tired of air pollution and warm weather in the city?

Do you want to breathe fresh air, feel the touch of cold wind on your face, and walk in the streets in the afternoon while sipping a cup of hot coffee??

Well, Sagada is the perfect place to be.  A place that sits above the mountains of Cordillera Region. It boasts a perfect green picturesque of rice terraces which are said to be carved with bare hands of locals’ ancestors centuries ago.It is a place where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables and several variants of rice.

Fortunately, Sagada is one of the many municipality  that greatly benefited in the government’s farm to market road projects as almost all of the roads in this place are already concrete.  What will only make it difficult for the tourists/travelers is the mode of transportation in the area. Since the place is too far and the roads are very steep, you can only see few service vehicles roaming around. With this, it is advisable for those who wants to explore Sagada to avail joiner tour instead of doing “DIY” (Do It Yourself).

Places to visit:

1. Kiltepan Rice Terraces

Aside from the beautiful sunrise, this is where you can also watch the amazing sea of clouds (well, that is if you are very lucky). According to locals, sea of clouds is not always present on top of Kiltepan, and there are occasions that tourists are very unfortunate not to witness its majestic beauty. Weather condition is a factor to consider.

 Apparently I am one of those unlucky individuals. (heavy sighs)


 The clouds are very shy… ='(

 I can only see pines trees!! (ugh!!!)

 2. Hanging Coffins

According to our local tour guide, it is tradition of their ancestors to hang the remains of their departed loved ones on the cliff. And even until now, there are still few natives who prefer to hang coffins.

One proof is the white and blue coffin  behind me.

I can’t explain the  ambiance here. Its so weird. (LOL)

Trivia: Did you know that in Sagada, the burial ground in their cemetery is free of charge?? Yes!! You read it right! Perhaps you want to reserve one for the future. You just have to coordinate with the  officer in charge. =)

 3. Echo Valley

Before you reach the Hanging Coffins you have to first pass by the Echo Valley. I won’t mention why it was named that way. =) LOL

4. Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin

With the influence of the missionaries from the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, the town of Sagada has become the only Philippine town that is predominantly Anglicans. 95% of its population to be exact.

 Anglicans allow their priest to get married.

5. Bomod-ok Falls

One of the longest trek I have experienced. It was tiring but at the same time it was fulfilling.

6. Sumaguing Cave

I was not able to see the cave because I was so tired trekking to the Bomod-ok Falls. I suggest that you explore these two in separate days so that you can have the time to regain your energy.

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