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I am a registered medical technologist, a certified International Medical Laboratory Scientist. I am also a member of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologist , was a member of Philippine National Red Cross Youth Organization and a Regional Blood Center volunteer. Travelling and writing is my passion. I wants to express her feelings and help other traveller through writing blogs. I also support feminism and believes for the equality and humanity for both men and women.

Puerto Princesa × El Nido : Travel Blog

Destination: Palawan, Philippines

It has been said that the island of Palawan is the most beautiful island in Philippines and no question, IT REALLY IS. There are 3 major tourist destinations in the island of Palawan: Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. I am lucky to visit two of them, El Nido and Puerto Princesa. Different but both equally beautiful. As what i always said to other people, Palawan is a must see paradise.
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Top Travel Destination in Philippines

Living in an archipelago, it is quite hard for a traveller like me to visit all the beautiful places in the Philippines. It is either you do it by plane or do it by boat, island after island. And as a working girl, it is hard to insert all the beautiful places here and there in my tight schedule.
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Me standing at the peak of Mt Kandungaw. Loving the view frombthe top and that 850 ft drop.

Mt. Kandungaw is located in Maloray, Dalaguete South of Cebu. Upon seeing the pictures i saw on social media, I was soo hyped and excited to get there. The cliff, the view, the mountain and the adventure caused a rush in the traveller in me. So I asked my collegues if they want to climb a beautiful mountain on our day off and luckily they said yes! So yay!.