To travel is to invigorate. Running to different places has always been a steady thrill for adventurers around the world.  What is more fun than bouncing from one place to another? Is it because our eyes are constantly looking for new beauty? Is it because of feet are never tired to trek on new paths? Does our body need to feel the touch of incomparable winds? Or is it just because we love the impression of being alone, somewhere our problems cannot follow us. Each travel has their own purpose. But for writer-travelers, to share is a pleasure, a memoir of a noteworthy adventure.

Tour Titans is a blog site created for writers who love to shout out their stories of travel, along with other interesting topics to share.

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47 thoughts on “BECOME A TITAN!

  1. Hi thanks for following my blog, i followed back. Your travel blogs are sooo cool 😍💖 would love to experience things first hand but your blog teaches me more than a thing or two, good to be having a knowledge/ idea than just travel not knowing what to expect etc.😅💖👍


  2. Hey, thanks for the follow bro.. cool to know you and you friends travel together too.. will follow you back.. want to know more about your guys’ travels.


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