LuzViMinda Escapade: 10 Days, 10 Provinces. (Part 1 – Luzon)

“If given a chance to travel around the world, where would you go?” A question oftenly asked to travelers like me. I still choose to explore the Philippines, my home and where my heart belongs. Aside from breathtaking views at the peak of its mountains, the majestic waterfalls, the calm and relaxing beaches, what more could you ask for? It is a great opportunity to visit our islands and get to know different cultures. Let me share my 10-day experience traveling across the three main lands of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

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Puerto Princesa × El Nido : Travel Blog

Destination: Palawan, Philippines

It has been said that the island of Palawan is the most beautiful island in Philippines and no question, IT REALLY IS. There are 3 major tourist destinations in the island of Palawan: Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. I am lucky to visit two of them, El Nido and Puerto Princesa. Different but both equally beautiful. As what i always said to other people, Palawan is a must see paradise.
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Work Goals: Kalinga – Tabuk and Pasil

If I was asked before to visit Tabuk, I’d probably had second thoughts. There’s not much of a good reputation to talk about. All I knew about the place was its primitive mountain dwellers decapitating heads for sport. When I got there, I asked the locals about it. They just told me not to go wandering outside after 7 PM. How creepy. Continue reading Work Goals: Kalinga – Tabuk and Pasil

Siargao: The Ultimate Hangover

Siargao is tagged as “Surfer’s Haven” because of its gigantic and powerful waves which is suitable for surfing. When you go to Siargao, you’ll also experience the ultimate Siargao hangover, worse than your alcoholic hangover! (You’ll find out soon why.)

The Siargao experience was the best and memorable solo travel I’ve been this 2017 and a hangover to remember.

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