Hitch Four: Bohol

To the reader: Don’t miss the fun! All of the images here are GIFs. To enjoy this travel story, let the GIFs load completely.

We often get something different from what we usually anticipate. Either an outcome that might amuse us or else betray our expectation. Nevertheless, anything that comes and goes should be accepted with the greatest understanding. When we see things with an open mind, it will be easy to keep our judgments inside our head. Anyway, let me just tell you another story of our travel. Continue reading Hitch Four: Bohol


HTML5 Game Development Camp

Just so you know, The Hypertext Mark-up Language doesn’t just empower the world wide web with its customary interpretation of filling our browsers with daily news, our friends’ status updates, tweets from our favorite celebrities, and everything that delivers day-to-day information. But since the birth of HTML5, a new era of HTML development came to the web, it is game development. It’s been going around for years now, and many game developers enjoy the effectiveness of running their games through this platform. Continue reading HTML5 Game Development Camp

Unity 3D Code Camp 2

Playing games is surely a part of our everyday leisure. From traditional board games, to old school pixelated block building simulations, to the world of warcraft. But behind these amazing concepts are the clever minds of game developers. With the help of DevCon and the Philippine Game Developers Community, a series of workshops were held to bring the eager learning youth and the young at hearts to the realm of game development. Continue reading Unity 3D Code Camp 2

Firefox OS Code Camp

June 6, 2015. Professionals from different factions of the IT Industry gathered at Mozilla Community Space, Manila, to experience the Firefox OS application development with the support of Mozilla Philippines representatives and the generosity of DevCon PH Continue reading Firefox OS Code Camp

Hitch Three: Puerto Princesa City

To the reader: Don’t miss the fun! All of the images here are GIFs. To enjoy this travel story, let the GIFs load completely.

Puerto Princesa is the second largest city in the Philippines. But even so, you can totally backpack your way all throughout its northern part. Whether you want to explore the underground river, hop on to the famous islands, or just give it a go to the inland destinations, all can be arranged in one package. Even including a five or maybe four-star hotel accommodation. This was the set up we had last October of 2014. For three days and two nights we managed to swing by with all the famous tourist spots. Continue reading Hitch Three: Puerto Princesa City