Firefox OS Code Camp

June 6, 2015. Professionals from different factions of the IT Industry gathered at Mozilla Community Space, Manila, to experience the Firefox OS application development with the support of Mozilla Philippines representatives and the generosity of DevCon PH Continue reading Firefox OS Code Camp


Hitch Three: Puerto Princesa City

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Puerto Princesa is the second largest city in the Philippines. But even so, you can totally backpack your way all throughout the northern part of it. Whether you want to explore the underground river, hop on to the famous islands, or just give it a go to the inland destinations, all may be arranged in one package. Even including a five or maybe four-star hotel accommodation. This was the set up we had last October of 2014. For three days and two nights we managed to swing by with all the famous tourist spots. Continue reading Hitch Three: Puerto Princesa City

Hitch Two: Samal Island


It’s my first time to fly. I dreamt of flying before, not on a plane, but flying like a bird. I did not possess wings but It was more like magic made me hover and glide in the air. It was kinda weird though, because before I could fly, I should make these awkward dance poses correctly and there’s a slight chance that it won’t work. Maybe because I’m nearly awake and all of it sounded so stupid I realized I should get off the bed and try not to get back dreaming. Later that day I thought about doing the poses and hoping to actually fly. Don’t be silly. I was a kid when I had that dream. Continue reading Hitch Two: Samal Island

Hitch One: Caramoan

To the reader: Don’t miss the fun! All of the images here are GIFs. To enjoy this travel story, let the GIFs load completely.

My friends and I met at a bus station at Cubao, Quezon City at 7:30pm. Our ride will leave at nine. This was the first time that I’m actually going out-of-town along with my friends, my partner-in-crime, and for many years, to travel again. We had to take out our dinner from the restaurant where we met and eat inside the bus. The bus had seats called lazy boy. It was going to be an eight or more hour of sitting, so we got one with good seats, with the reclining and all. If you’re from Manila, Philippines and you want an easy ride with the thrill of not actually going there easy, take this bus from Manila to Naga and experience the 8 hour-long ride. Take a plane for a much easier ride. Continue reading Hitch One: Caramoan


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