The Holiday People at Baguio

Christmas had just gone a day away. But the holiday spirit is still at its climax. The summer capital of the Philippines will always be on the number one list to visit during Christmas.

Going out of town during the holidays is not an easy option. Anyone would have to come through the heaviest traffic, unforgivable crowd, and unexpected situations. But surely after all the hassles, it will be a holiday well spent. Here is a series of photos taken from different Baguio destinations.

The night market across Burnham Park, packed with the cheapest of loots and overcrowded with buyers.
The Baguio Commissary features all time favorite apparels. Shoes, Bags, Dresses and what else you got to have.
Azalea Hotel displays a Christmas Manger birth of Jesus on their facade.
Atop this terrace leads to Sitio Pungayan, home to fictional La Presa, at Tuba, Benguet. It was still closed for rehabilitation at the time.
Unlike other domesticated horses, this one does not have eye patches.
Behind the pine trees spreads a smog that covers the entire town within La Trinidad.
Just a few more steps. Lourdes Grotto at Baguio.
A tall gate stands before the Mansion.
Quite small for a mansion, really.
In time for harvest, the tourists look for ripe and sweet strawberries to pick at La Trinidad Strawberry fields.
A bit smaller than what it was before it was hit by a tragedy a few years back. The Lion’s Head at Kennon Road is a famous Baguio stop-over spot.
This might have been a good shot. Until this kid.

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.NET Code Camp

Windows 10 is being introduced this year and the trend for creating new apps just became more aggressive. Novice or experienced, developers surely are drawn interested at keeping up with the latest dev-chic. This is the reason why for the first time in DevCon‘s Code Camp history, in partnership with the Philippine .NET Users Group,  a one day workshop and seminar was conducted last October 10, 2015 at Globelabs Showroom, Makati. Basically, the fundamentals of .NET programming for a Win10 platform was tackled, along with valuable insights about the concept of Windows Universal Apps, REST Using WebAPI on ASP.NET and Unit Testing Universal Apps with CodedUI.

A whole Saturday of coding definitely made the day lively and productive, especially that it was enjoyed by a considerable number of IT professional attendees. Representatives from PHINUG and Microsoft PH MVPs served as the speakers. Mr. Michael John Pena, Microsoft MVP for Windows Development started the workshop as he talked about how Windows apps acts as a primary element on application development within platforms of the same to different families and later on instructed and demonstrated sample programs. As Microsoft announced that 10 will be the final installment of their operating systems, the universe will be looking forward to no other than Windows 10 apps abundantly. It’s the future of computer science, embracing Windows as a Service.

Michael Pena discusses the fundamentals of creating universal windows apps as the participants listen attentively.
Michael Pena discusses the fundamentals of creating universal windows apps as the participants listen attentively.
Everybody takes their own time during the morning session. Michael coaches on those who needs assistance.

Simplicity and functionality, these two makes the general impression of what a Windows app feels like to its user. This distinction gives developers the ease of picking everyone as its target audience and encourages  them to focus on their app’s serviceability. Ever since the beginning of the windows 8 era, grid views, scroll views, sortable list views, and the dependable signature menu navigation, were common designs in developing a universal windows app. This is the one thing Microsoft adjusted for the developers. Templates available at starting-up an app dev will now be free of commonly used ready-mades. In this manner, developers will be liberated on creating their own design and will not get used to the defaults. Talk about promoting creativity in a modest adaptation.

Universal windows apps aspires to wipe out the anxiety for most end-users, this makes no difference to building RESTful Web APIs and Unit Testing Universal Apps. Mr. Jon Limjap & Mr. Edu Lorenzo took the rest of the day as they discussed the principles of simplifying HTTP programming through these useful methods.

Mr. Jon briefly talks about their developer group, PHINUG, and proceeds to discuss ASP.NET Web API.

API stands for application program interface, it is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. The API specifies how software components should interact and are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. Source: webopediaAmong the services offered by the tool’s components, .NET Web API has great flexibility in terms of distinguishing the service layer from the controllers. This allows a developer to efficiently take advantage of other services. To sum it up, REST proves to be an absolutely effective style to further extract the essence of HTTP programming.

The last topic, Unit Testing Universal Apps. The participants still keeps an eager attention until the end of the afternoon. Windows Azure totally helped providing access to successfully let the attendees experience the demo.

Popularizing the portability for all tomorrow’s apps, Unit Testing using Coded UI will save one’s time and prolong patience. Among the common practices including prevention of mass assignment attacks that occurs when developers try to instantiate variables extravagantly, will capably resolve the dilemma and save more lines of codes. A concrete back-end information is inevitable, that’s why it is hard to test in an isolated case, another problem solved by testing with Coded UI. Automated tests that execute your application through its UI are known as coded UI tests. These include testing of the UI controls. It figures out the functionality of your user interface. Of course, your app has its primary use, which will not be disregarded during the automated test, in actuality, it tests those as well.

Mr. Jerome Punzalan, founder-member of PHINUG entertains everyone with his gangnam moves in the middle of the day, during lunch break.
Two attendees were lucky to take home a Microsoft backpack.
Two attendees were lucky to take home a Microsoft backpack.
Thank you everyone for joining us in the wonderful day!
Thank you everyone for joining us in this wonderful day!

We look at our devices as different machines that need complex ways to communicate with each other. But everyday, as developers explore new methods, technological innovation is just behind a few strokes from our keyboards, waiting to be compiled and carried out to the world. It’s just a matter of time before all these machines can finally say HI to us and to one another, with just one tap of a finger.

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Hitch Four: Bohol

To the reader: Don’t miss the fun! All of the images here are GIFs. To enjoy this travel story, let the GIFs load completely.

We often get something different from what we usually anticipate. Either an outcome that might amuse us or else betray our expectation. Nevertheless, anything that comes and goes should be accepted with the greatest understanding. When we see things with an open mind, it will be easy to keep our judgments inside our head. Anyway, let me just tell you another story of our travel. Continue reading Hitch Four: Bohol

HTML5 Game Development Camp

Just so you know, The Hypertext Mark-up Language doesn’t just empower the world wide web with its customary interpretation of filling our browsers with daily news, our friends’ status updates, tweets from our favorite celebrities, and everything that delivers day-to-day information. But since the birth of HTML5, a new era of HTML development came to the web, it is game development. It’s been going around for years now, and many game developers enjoy the effectiveness of running their games through this platform. Continue reading HTML5 Game Development Camp

Unity 3D Code Camp 2

Playing games is surely a part of our everyday leisure. From traditional board games, to old school pixelated block building simulations, to the world of warcraft. But behind these amazing concepts are the clever minds of game developers. With the help of DevCon and the Philippine Game Developers Community, a series of workshops were held to bring the eager learning youth and the young at hearts to the realm of game development. Continue reading Unity 3D Code Camp 2