Stunning Sunsets: Philippines

Stunning Sunsets: Philippines

Sunny and rainy. The only two seasons in the Philippines. It makes our country warm even when the days are cold. Sure we had our own share of tropical monsoons, but nature sits still as the days of hard wind pass by.

The rainy season officially starts in the second semester every year, and this is the reason the amazing authors of this awesome blog collaborated to show their six-month travel collection of spectacular sunsets around the Philippines before the gray clouds cover the spotlight. Each one had their own personal travels from January to June of 2018 and they have decided to share the colors of warmth, relaxing orange skies, chilling sea breeze, and the vanishing of light across the horizon. Let us take you to different places in the country with our collection of stunning sunset photos. Continue reading “Stunning Sunsets: Philippines”


Me standing at the peak of Mt Kandungaw. Loving the view frombthe top and that 850 ft drop.

Mt. Kandungaw is located in Maloray, Dalaguete South of Cebu. Upon seeing the pictures i saw on social media, I was soo hyped and excited to get there. The cliff, the view, the mountain and the adventure caused a rush in the traveller in me. So I asked my collegues if they want to climb a beautiful mountain on our day off and luckily they said yes! So yay!.

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