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LuzViMinda Escapade: 10 Days, 10 Provinces. (Part 1 – Luzon)

“If given a chance to travel around the world, where would you go?” A question oftenly asked to travelers like me. I still choose to explore the Philippines, my home and where my heart belongs. Aside from breathtaking views at the peak of its mountains, the majestic waterfalls, the calm and relaxing beaches, what more could you ask for? It is a great opportunity to visit our islands and get to know different cultures. Let me share my 10-day experience traveling across the three main lands of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

Day 1

A friend if mine owns a travel agency in Palawan. She arranged my Puerto Princesa tour and offered me a free stay at their house, a perk of being a solo traveller. I paid Php1,500 for Underground River experience. This included land and boat transfer with buffet lunch.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. It was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

What to expect inside? Well, I was so amazed by God’s hands as none of the rock formations we saw are man-made. This fact made me appreciate the cave’s beauty. Some of the rock formations I remembered were ‘The Market’, ‘The Cathedral’, ‘Holy Family’, and the ‘Giant Candle’.

Bats are everywhere so beware of falling excretions, don’t look up with your mouth wide open. Snakes are also present, ‘andun si Bes‘. We were bidding the boats whom we came across ‘good evening’ as there was total darkness inside. During lunch, I got the chance to taste the famous ‘tamilok’ of the island. It was very slimy and you really need to dip it on vinegar to neutralize the taste. The tour ended as scheduled and I still have time to visit some tourist spots nearby. Ate Marielle let me use her motorbike to explore the city, again, another perk of being a solo traveller.

Here are some of the places I visited:

Plaza Cuartel – this historical place served as a garrison of American and Filipino soldiers during World War II, while being invaded by the Japanese. It was almost as if you were at the past. Feeling the sacrifices of our ancestors upon seeing the old walls and remnants brought by the war.

Butterfly Eco Garden – one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. At the entrance, you will see the life cycle of a butterfly. But aside from butterflies there are lots of species in the garden, like walking sticks, scorpions, lizards, wild boars, and crocodiles. Also, the tourists are given a chance to get to know one of the indigenous people of Palawan – the Pal’Awan Tribe.

Baker’s Hill – started as a simple bakery, now it has a wide theme park with establishments like the baker’s kitchen, hula shake, pizza house, and souvenir shop. There are also large cartoon displays like Donald Duck, Shrek, and Snow White. It would be unreasonable not to buy Hopia from this bakery, especially those people na laging umaasa.

Before the day ends, I went to Kinabuchs Grill and Bar to check their famous crocodile sisig. Well, it tasted like chicken, but hey, it’s a crocodile. It is suggested to travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido at night so you can do more activities during the day. You can also take some rest since it is a five-hour ride.

Day 2

Fortunately, I won an El Nido Tour thru Baratilyong Gala facebook page. This included round-trip transfer from Puerto Princesa, accommodation for two nights and island hopping. Palawan was blessed with so many beautiful islands and the tourism grouped these islands into five tour packages. Each package ranged from Php1,200 to Php1,500, in which you can ask the tour agency for a combination of two packages.

Tour A – Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Simizu Island, and the Seven Commandos Beach.

Tour B – Entalula Island, Snake Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, Pinasil Island & Cathedral and Cadugnon Cave.

Tour C – Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Star Beach and Matinloc Shrine.

Tour D – Bukal Island, Cadlao Lagoon, Ipil Beach, Nat-nat Beach and Paradise Beach.

Tour E (land tour) – Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beach, Marimegmeg Beach, Las Cabanas Beach and Nagkalit-kalit Falls.

Since I only had limited time for this trip, I chose the combination of Tour A and C. I was so amazed by the crystal clear water of El Nido and I can’t help myself but to take a picture wearing Poseidon costume.

Day 3

Before heading back to PPS for my flight going to Manila, I still had time to check the famous Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beaches. I rented a habal-habal to bring me to the twin beaches, it was an hour ride on a very rocky and muddy road.

Upon arriving, I headed immediately to the hill top. This spot gives a picturesque view, giving a blissful experience with the serenity of the place. I didn’t bother to go to the beach and play with the waves because I don’t know how to swim.

Before leaving El Nido, my habal-habal driver suggested to visit the Las Cabanas beach. I walked along the seashore and saw lots for foreigners relaxing and sunbathing, the sea was calm yet you could really feel the breeze. There were many perfect spots to take a picture and one was this view with the island on my background. One of the locals said that Manny Pacquiao owns it.

I had a van transfer to catch so I needed to cut short exploring the resort. I headed back to PPS and flew back to Manila, dropped my small bag at home and grabbed my backpack, ready for the next seven days traveling to Visayas and Mindanao.

(for a hassle free tour in Palawan, you may contact Marielle Jaranilla – 09398842402)

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7 Tanay, Rizal Destinations that you must try!


I am so excited because this will be my first blog entry for Tour Titans. 😊

Hope you will like it! 😊

February 10, 2018 when we went for a 7 Tanay Destinations Adventure.

So let me tell you about what happened to our whole day while exploring the province of Tanay, Rizal.

First Destination is..

1. Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal.

It was ideal for those who are not into mountain climbing because you can reach this place by a car or by commute.

How to get here:

-from cubao, ride an fx going to cogeo gate 2.

-from cogeo gate 2, ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc.

-Drop off to Sitio Maysawa or Maysawa Circuit.

-and you can ride a tricycle for the registration for Treasure Mountain.

Second destination..
2. Regina Rica.

Regina Rica is a 71 foot tall statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with 13.5 hectares Regina Rosarii Institute in Asia.

Actually, this is my second time here. The first time I got here was when my family and I accidentally discovered this when we were looking for a church.

How to get here:

-from cubao, ride an fx going to cogeo gate 2.

-from cogeo gate 2, ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc.

-Drop off to Sampaloc Tanay Market and ride a tricycle going to Regina Rica.

Third destination is..

3.Calinawan Cave

And again, this is my second time here together with my girlfriend. So we decided not to enter the cave and we just waited outside. 😂

This cave is well known since it has become a place for movie and teleserye shooting area because they preserved the beauty and took care this cave very well. And according to their tour guide, La Luna Sangre and Bagani recently shoot here. 😊

How to get here:

-From cubao or ali mall, ride an fx going to Tanay, Rizal.

-from Tanay, Rizal proper, ride a tricyle and tell them that you are going to Calinawan Cave.

Fourth destination is..

4. Batlag Falls

Batlag falls are also located at the well known Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal but many people did not know that there is another falls just on the upper side of Daranak, which is the Batlag Falls with another 100php as an entrance fee.

How to get here:

-From cubao, ride an fx going to Tanay, Rizal

-from Tanay Proper, ride a tricycle and tell them that you are going to Daranak Falls.

-Batlag Falls are located inside the Daranak Falls.


-you need to pay 50php as an entrance fee at Daranak Falls and additional 100php for Batlag Falls.

-registration for 2 falls are different.

Fifth Destitation is..

5. Pillila Windmill

Pillila Windmills are getting mainstream nowadays because people come here for an alternative location for the well known Ilocos Norte windmills. Because Pililla Windmills are more accessible for families and friends who want to see windmills.

Again, (😂) this is my second time here in Pililla Windmills together with my girlfriend.

How to get here:

-From cubao, ride an fx going to Tanay, Rizal.

-from Tanay proper, ride a tricycle and tell them that you are going to Pililla Windmill.


-riding a tricycle are quite costly because the location are in the upper part of Tanay, Rizal but still very accessible for any kind of vehicle.

Sixth Destination is..

6. Parola Lighthouse

Parola Lighthouse is located at San Isidro, Tanay.

We just did a quick photo op to see the beauty and lake side of Tanay, Rizal.

Parola Lighthouse is not that tall like others lighthouses but this is one of the many attractions located in Tanay, Rizal.

How to get here:

-From cubao, ride an fx going to Tanay, Rizal.

-from Tanay proper, ride a tricycle and tell them that you are going to Tanay Lakeshore or Parola Lighthouse.

Seventh Destinations is.

7. San Ildefonso Church.

A 411 years old church located at San Ildefonso, Rizal.

I am really amazed when we heard that this is a 411 years old church and it is still in good shape together with a 300 years old tree in front but unfortunately, on November 2017 they decided to cut the tree because of its age. 😟 (sayang di namin naabutan. 😟) But they left the part of the tree on the same spot where it’s planted.

And I can say that this is one of the many churches in the Philippines that you must visit.

How to get here:

-From cubao, ride an fx going to Tanay, Rizal.

-from Tanay proper, ride a tricycle and tell them that you are going to San Ildefonso Church or many knew this church as Tanay Church.

An awesome 7 Destinations in Tanay, Rizal!

This was just some of the many attractions is Rizal, so keep exploring!

Work Goals: Iloilo, Guimaras, Antique

What makes your everyday work thrilling? Don’t you find it amazing when you wake up, get ready for work and know that an awesome adventure awaits? Not behind a desk, no. But a privilege of traveling to different places. That’s what makes mine great. Our team develops and maintains information systems, and we are often given official business travels around the country to aid our satellite offices for IS development and implementation. This is one of those times. Continue reading Work Goals: Iloilo, Guimaras, Antique


In the presence of advance technology today, who would have thought that there are still Filipinos who have never lightened up their homes with electricity? Imagine how hard their life is, and imagine fortunate you are to enjoy the benefits of electricity while some are struggling because they have no access to it.

According to the United Nations (UN), access to electricity should be declared as a basic human right and urges all the countries in the world to make electricity available for all.

While this issue is still on debate, I, myself, who is a member of an organization which is a vanguard of rural development through rural electrification, firmly believes that indeed enjoying the benefits of electricity is a privilege that everyone should have. Though this remains a challenge for the Philippines for years, as we are limited with financial resources, the government never lost its faith in energizing the entire country from the smallest island to the farthest one by continuously capacitating the electric cooperatives and empowering the member-consumers-owners.

Undoubtedly, electricity plays an important role in rural development and in the absence of it, there is no progress, there is no economic growth and people are imprisoned with poverty. Statistics show that people who live in rural areas with no electricity are likely to stay living below the poverty line because of limited resources and opportunity.

While people who live in rural areas which has been energized, just recently, through the help of government’s sitio electrification program, experience a significant change in their lives. Records show that there is an increase in income for every household beneficiaries of the said program and this can be mainly attributed to the surge in production of their farm and higher employment rate in their area.

Brudland (1986) says that “Energy services are a crucial input to the primary development challenge of providing adequate food, shelter, clothing, water, sanitation, medical care, schooling, and access to information. Thus energy is one dimension or determinant of poverty and development, but it is vital. Energy supports the provision of basic needs such as cooked food, a comfortable living temperature, lighting, the use of appliances, piped water or sewerage, essential health care (refrigerated vaccines, emergency and intensive care), education aids, communication and transport. Energy also fuels productive activities, including agriculture, commerce, manufacture, industry, and mining”.  Apparently, the electricity serves as the main stimulant of economic growth and reduces poverty in the rural areas.

I feel grateful that I become part of an organization which was created for missionary and humanitarian purposes. While most millennials are having difficulty in finding their inner purpose in life and looking for ways on how they can make a difference, I unknowingly found mine, amidst my challenging and meaningful stay in National Electrification Administration (NEA). On the contrary with what most people think of millennials, I would be the living proof, that it is not always the monetary benefits that makes one stay in the workplace, because surprisingly, in rare occasions, it is the value or impact that you can bring to the society. It is always good to find a high paying job but it is very rare to find a fulfilling one. And even though I am not a front liner in implementing rural electrification programs of the government, I still appreciate the roles that I play in the agency no matter how small it (effort) is, because I know that I am one of the reason why some members of the marginalized sector have lights in their home.