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Project BiyaHero: Jomalig

There is nothing more beautiful than people who go beyond the barriers of cultural differences to spread the good in life.

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South Korea 2017

        If you stan a KPOP idol or group, binge-watch several K-dramas, fall head over heels with your favorite oppa, follow the Korean skincare method, or just plainly amused by the Korean food, culture, and tradition, surely you’ve been hit by the Hallyu Wave or Korean wave. If you have experienced any or all of these then you’ll agree with me that being ecstatic might still be an understatement when I visited South Korea on November 27 – December 3, 2017. Continue reading South Korea 2017

Work Goals: Kalinga – Tabuk and Pasil

If I was asked before to visit Tabuk, I’d probably had second thoughts. There’s not much of a good reputation to talk about. All I knew about the place was its primitive mountain dwellers decapitating heads for sport. When I got there, I asked the locals about it. They just told me not to go wandering outside after 7 PM. How creepy. Continue reading Work Goals: Kalinga – Tabuk and Pasil

Work Goals: Aurora

Once again we were privileged to travel for our work project. This time my new office partner and I were assigned to one of the most visited places in Luzon for its amazing beaches that offer a good challenge for novice surfers. Not only that but, it also exhibits natural and man-made marvels. Continue reading Work Goals: Aurora