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Stilts Beach Resort a #MaldivesPH

Summer season is approaching so we welcomed it with a beach getaway to Stilts Beach Resort in Sta.Ana, Calatagan Batangas which is well-known as the Maldives in Philippines. Continue reading Stilts Beach Resort a #MaldivesPH


Hitch Two: Samal Island

It’s my first time to fly. I dreamt of flying before, not on a plane, but like a bird. I did not possess wings but It was more like magic made me hover and glide in the air. It was kinda weird though, because before I could fly, I should make these awkward dance poses correctly and there’s a slight chance that it won’t work. Maybe because I’m nearly awake and all of it sounded so stupid I realized I should get off the bed and try not to get back dreaming. Later that day I thought about doing the poses and hoping to actually fly. Don’t blame me. I was a kid when I had that dream. Continue reading Hitch Two: Samal Island